#ThankYouEcommerce: Customers say e-commerce is helping them stay safe & stocked

A few days ago, we asked how e-commerce has made these difficult times slightly easier for you. Your responses warmed our hearts and motivated our frontline staff who are doing everything they can to deliver your essentials to you during #COVID19. Read on for some of our customers’ stories, it’s sure to bring a smile to your face!


Amid the Covid-19 lockdown across India, many are finding it difficult or even anxiety-inducing to step outside and get their daily essentials. There is also fear that, with many shops shuttered, they might be unable to get what they need on time. So far, many have turned to e-commerce to get their basic needs met. And, now with the government lifting curbs on delivery of essential supplies, it is clear that e-commerce is the helpline during this period of self-quarantine.

As our committed delivery personnel take all safety measures and are out fulfilling your orders, we asked our fellow Indians to tell us how e-commerce has helped them in these difficult times. We were overwhelmed by the sincerity and gratitude in your responses. Some of your answers expressed thanks for serving seniors who are unable to commute to shop for essentials. Others said they relied on e-commerce when neighborhood shops were shuttered. 

Even in these difficult days, our customers used e-commerce not just to ensure that they are safe, but to also see to it that their elderly friends and neighbors and those in need have access to basic necessities. 

Harish Kalokhe made sure he spread the benefits of e-commerce to someone else. Here’s his story:


“My neighbors are senior citizens — both husband and wife are 75+ years old. As both of them are having health problems they were reluctant to move out of their home due to Covid-19. When my wife visited them to check whether they need any help from us, they shared that they are in need of groceries and medicines and handed over the list of items. But as some shops were closed, I took the details and ordered the groceries and medicines online and even got a discount. When both of them got to know, they were very happy. So now I have helped them download e-commerce shopping apps on their phone and will help teach them how to place their next orders. E-commerce has made life simple and smart.”


Harish isn’t the only one using e-commerce for good in these crucial times. Maroof Khan wrote to us on Twitter to tell us how he is spreading some much-needed comfort in his hometown using e-commerce.

“Since I belong to a rural area, people don’t know much about e-commerce. So I’m helping them buy their necessities via online shopping. When they get their products, they give me their blessings and it feels great! They are happy that they don’t have to go outside and are safe from Covid-19.”


Mamta Gupta found it necessary to stock up on groceries and other essentials for her family for at least a month or two to stay worry-free. But she didn’t order just for herself; she also found a way to pay it forward! Here’s what she had to say:

“E-commerce is a blessing in disguise in the time of national need. I ordered online essential stuff for at least a month or two to avoid an emergency situation. It’s safe, hygienic and there are less chances to get affected. I asked my maid to stay home for a month with paid leave and ordered groceries online for her too. I salute all the people who are selflessly delivering happiness.”

For a lot of people across India, the health of their family is of top concern right now so they want to get their necessities in the safest way possible and without going outdoors to increase the chances of infection to themselves or even others around them.


For Laxmi Kumari, her baby is her top priority. She was unable to get essential baby products at shops in her neighborhood so she turned to e-commerce.

“In my area, all supermarkets and grocery stores are closed. But e-commerce and Flipkart helped me get my baby food and diapers,” she says.


Selvi Sibi is using e-commerce because her family comprises those in the high-risk group of infection. Her mother is a senior citizen and she herself suffers from other ailments. She says: “We are a family of 4 and my mom is 60+ and my son is below 10 years. I currently have other health issues. I am afraid to send anyone from my home to purchase groceries. Our only support is e-commerce. Thank you so much!”


Clifford Fernandes is relieved because he can get essentials delivered to his doorstep, and he need not step out and risk infection. He says: “E-commerce has made self-quarantine easier for me during the Covid-19 outbreak because firstly, I don’t have to step out of my house and risk getting infected. All hygiene products such as hand sanitizers, gloves, masks and antibacterial sprays are available online. I’ve also stocked up on medicines and toilet paper. I’ve even used online shopping to fill the pantry with non-perishable foods such as canned foods and shelf stable items like oatmeal, rice, pasta, etc. E-commerce has made my life much easier and stress-free and helped me focus on other important matters.”


Rather than step out to buy essentials, Madhvi Sinhal says she is staying home to ensure that she and her family are safe and engaged.

“Because of e-commerce sites, I don’t need to go out for my daily needs and groceries in these critical days. I can order all things online. And I can keep my family engaged with their favorite things,” she says.

As customers across India place their hopes on e-commerce to deliver their essential supplies without risking their health, they haven’t failed to recognize the selfless efforts of our frontline staff in delivering their needs in this high-risk environment and thereby reducing the risk of infection for others. Many wrote in with words of appreciation for these heroes.


Harpreet Singh credits delivery personnel for ensuring his needs are met during a pandemic.

Writing in on Twitter, he said: “Special thanks to Flipkart because during the Coronavirus pandemic, I can order or buy important things without going outside and all credit goes to all e-commerce platforms and delivery personnel. You guys are real-life superheroes!”


Shyamala Rao says e-commerce has played a big role in efforts to break the chain of infection in India. “Getting delivery of products from A-Z, whether groceries or household supplies or even movies to watch while at home. E-commerce has truly broken the chain and avoided the virus rapidly. Thank you is not enough,” she wrote.

As the cases of infection go up daily across India, it is imperative that we stay indoors — for ourselves, for our families, and for the nation. To flatten the curve, we urge you to stay home, and Flipkart’s Wishmasters and supply chain will ensure that you get your basic necessities in the safest way possible.


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