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Jishnu Murali

#SellfMade – From starting a business to helping local artisans, a Flipkart seller’s journey

When Ritesh Maheshwari, an entrepreneur from Rajasthan, left his Central Government post, he wanted to start a business. But he also wanted to help the local artisans in his locality with their businesses. Inspired by another Flipkart seller’s success story, he became a #SellfMade Flipkart seller and found a way to achieve both! Read his inspiring story.
Jishnu Murali

From ₹20K to ₹2Cr: Read #SellfMade Flipkart seller Vivek Garg’s success story

Vivek Garg was just in his second year of Engineering when the idea to become a #SellfMade Flipkart seller struck him. His father believed in him and with his help, Vivek started Ecstasy, his online store on Flipkart! Soon, he moved to the healthcare category on Flipkart and earned ₹2 crore during last year’s The Big Billion Day’s sale! Read this and find out how he did it.
Vishnu Sreekumar

Soldiering On: For these sellers, Flipkart Troops saved The Big Billion Days!

For the thousands of small- and medium-sized sellers in Flipkart’s Marketplace ecosystem, The Big Billion Days sale is the most exciting and stressful time of the year. With the number of orders going up as much as ten times, they need all the help they can get. That’s why this year, Flipkart launched the Flipkart Troops initiative — an enthusiastic group of young students who traveled from warehouse to warehouse, helping with packaging. This logistical dream team not only finished the mountain of work on time, but also put a smile on the sellers’ faces. Read their story
Bijoy Venugopal

At One Flipkart, a tribal art mural sets the office mood, and tells a proud Indian story

Celebrated Gond and Bhil artists brought together by A Hundred Hands painted an 80-foot tribal art wall mural at Flipkart’s new corporate office, fusing tradition and modernity in a pictorial depiction of a vibrant Indian marketplace. The panoramic wall mural is a surefire conversation starter. And just as well, because marketplaces begin as conversations.
Team Flipkart Stories

Travelling back to the future with Flipster Akshaya Shetty

In July 2011, Akshaya Shetty made a decision that was to change her life. She joined Flipkart, a small, enthusiastic e-commerce venture that was quickly expanding its footprint in India. However, between then and now a different story has transpired in Akshaya’s life, which was marked by changes when she stepped back into Flipkart for a second time in 2014. In Akshaya’s own words, this is what the transformation looked like.