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Vishnu Sreekumar

#ArtFormsOfIndia: Garvi Gurjari-Flipkart partnership showcases the best of Gujarat’s artisanal heritage

The partnership between Flipkart and Garvi Gurjari has brought scores of Gujarat’s artisans into the e-commerce fold, helping them gain access to a pan-India market. Thanks to the state’s centuries-old tradition of arts and crafts, their repertoire of products are awe-inspiring in their intricacy and craftsmanship. Take a closer look at the selection of products curated by them for this #TheBigBillionDays under the #ArtFormsOfIndia initiative.
Team Flipkart Stories

Large appliance customers of Flipkart speak up, with a big smile

Buying a large appliance for your home, like a television or a refrigerator, is a big decision. And it is big not just considering the heft in investment and the fact that the decision is made not by one person but, in most cases, an entire family. Things get more challenging when one makes the purchase online, which a considerably less personal experience from the touch-and-feel intimacy of shopping at a physical store. For these Flipkart customers, however, realizing the ‘big’ dream of owning a large appliance had everything to do with the Flipkart experience. They tell us why they chose to buy large appliances on Flipkart.