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Travelling back to the future with Flipster Akshaya Shetty

In July 2011, Akshaya Shetty made a decision that was to change her life. She joined Flipkart, a small, enthusiastic e-commerce venture that was quickly expanding its footprint in India. However, between then and now a different story has transpired in Akshaya’s life, which was marked by changes when she stepped back into Flipkart for a second time in 2014. In Akshaya’s own words, this is what the transformation looked like.

For these Flipsters, this was a promotion to remember

Madhu Karuthedath
What has been the most enduring memory of a promotion in your career? Is it of a closed-room discussion on why you deserved the promotion? Is it of carrying a piece of paper that acknowledged your months of toil? Or did it last beyond that moment of glory and touch the lives of your loved ones? In September 2016, hundreds of Flipsters cherished their much-awaited moment of elation — a promotion that lasted beyond just them, and then. Read their story.

How Flipster Ashish Vikram writes his own success story

Arjun Paul
Fun is as essential to work as dedication. Our Flipster in focus, Ashish Vikram, proves he knows just what we mean. Ashish, who is vice president of engineering for Flipkart’s Ads Group, isn’t just an ace at his job. He is also a programming whiz, a published author, a certified scuba diver and, most importantly, a funny man who loves to tickle people pink with his witticisms. Read to know how he makes Flipkart more fun and why we think he’s on the crest of a wave.

Meet the maverick of creative pursuits – Flipster Anand Vijayasimha

Arjun Paul
The multitalented are most often misunderstood. Even the phrase ‘Jack of all trades’ has a bit of a negative caveat. But Flipsters like Anand Vijayasimha are some of the few who flip the notion of ‘having one's fingers in many pies’. Music composer, busker, writer, organic farmer, motorcycle enthusiast and LP collector, Anand makes the most of every second. And his story is one that’ll surely make you reflect on how you’re using your 24 hours in a day.

How Flipster Namrata Saigal Manrai juggles strategy cases and her easel

Arjun Paul
Passionate employees are engaged employees. They believe in the work they do and know their contributions help drive the company’s success. At Flipkart, our passionate Flipsters work relentlessly toward their goals — not just to live up to company expectations, but also to their own high standards of personal achievement. One such Flipster is our corporate strategist Namrata Saigal Manrai and she lives these words by the book. Read her story in our candid FlipTales interview, where Namrata speaks about mastering the art of work and painting.