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Vishnu Sreekumar

This Jeeves furniture technician built an e-bike to save thousands on fuel bills

In a city infamous for traffic jams, most Bengaluru residents have resigned themselves to the fact that they’re going to be spending a lot more on petrol than they’d like to. However, Jeeves furniture technician Chikkanna Swamy wasn’t ready to go down without a fight. Over a six-month period, the self-taught mechanic pulled off a stunning DIY project, building an e-bike from scratch. Read all about how it came to be.
Team Flipkart Stories

Flipkart Outlines Vision To Eliminate Single-Use Plastic

- Has already reduced 25% plastic application since 2018 through various reduction initiatives in its packaging value chain - Has filed an application under EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) framework, targeting 30% plastic waste collection this year - Introducing renewable alternatives and recycled plastic to replace plastic use in packaging