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Team Flipkart Stories

At Flipkart Authorized BuyZones, you can get expert help with your shopping

Are you unsure about how to shop online? Walk into a Flipkart-authorized 'BuyZone' in your neighborhood and get a helping hand. Friendly representatives at more than 10,000 general stores in over 700 Tier II and Tier III cities in 20 states in India will hold your hand through the entire shopping process and ensure that you don't make any mistakes while ordering on Flipkart. Our assisted shopping initiative aims to help first-time online shoppers get comfortable with shopping on Flipkart. So go ahead and make the most of all the great offers and selection on Flipkart this festive season. If you have friends or loved ones in small towns in India, tell them about Flipkart's Authorized BuyZones!
Team Flipkart Stories

#FlipkartHappyDelivery – The Flipkart Delivery stories that warmed our hearts!

It's a fact: The happiest customers seldom talk. They might give you a thumbs-up or click on a smiley but they rarely go out on a limb and expound the extent of their happiness in words. When our customer experience data told us that over 85% of our customers were truly, madly happy with Flipkart's Customer Support & delivery, we decided to ask them about their experience and what they really felt. We invited them to tell us their story. From the overwhelming number of Happy Delivery stories that poured in, we've selected a few of the most heartwarming ones. Read, share, and be inspired to tell us your own happy Flipkart story.