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Bijoy Venugopal

This gang of Wasseypur gets its thrills from shopping online

In quest of big tales from small-town India, Flipkart Stories ventures nervously to Wasseypur. In this coal town made darker by Anurag Kashyap’s films, we found Digital Indians hungry for more than just Bollywood and bullets. Shoppers in this crowded little town in Jharkhand are savvier than you think. They have refined tastes, and they 'gang up' at cybercafes to make collaborative buying decisions. In Wasseypur, Digital India has arrived!
Team Flipkart Stories

In non-metros, women and Flipkart are in a long-term relationship

From shopping for the trendiest makeup and bestselling books, to the latest in saris and the most sophisticated appliances, women from Indian non-metro cities wished and wished, but often found to their dismay that the products of their dreams were out of reach. Until they discovered Flipkart. Read the story of a relationship that has blossomed over the years, and one that promises to endure for many more.