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Team Flipkart Stories

In Assam, a happy customer says Flipkart enables access to better products for his family

Recently, a Flipkart customer review caught our eye, and that of many users on social media. In the review was a picture of a girl, smiling in an outfit just purchased from Flipkart, and what seemed like her mother, sitting proudly behind her. Intrigued, we decided to reach out to the customer and hear more about their experience. What we found warmed our hearts! Read this story, all the way from Assam's Lakhimpur district.
Team Flipkart Stories

Submit your #FlipkartHappyDelivery story and we’ll share it with the world!

We’ve heard you out in the bad times — we’ve learned and striven to do better. Now, we want to hear of the times we’ve made you happy. A delivery that’s reached ahead of time, a customer support executive who’s gone out of the way to help you out, or a delivery person who’s made your day. Share your story and we’ll showcase them on Flipkart Stories.
Team Flipkart Stories

How a human approach to technology is endearing Flipkart to millions

Fourteen percent of all internet users in India — 60 million people — shopped online in 2016. According to a Morgan Stanley report, by 2026 this number will rise to over 50%. As more and more Indians embrace online shopping, Flipkart’s technology with a human touch is helping bolster this shift, shaping digital habits in a rapidly evolving digital marketplace. These customer stories attest to the effort that Flipkart has made in research, development and innovation to deliver technology that understands and serves the unique needs of the Indian customer.