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Team Flipkart Stories

In Gujarat, this Flipkart Samarth seller is empowering women artisans

For a long time, Dhaval Patel sold his products — handicrafts made by skilled local artisans in Gujarat — in the local markets. When he saw videos online about the benefits of selling on Flipkart, he had a brilliant idea! He wanted to empower the women artisans in villages around him and he found just the way to do it as a #SellfMade Flipkart seller! Read how e-commerce is helping Navrang Handicrafts and its artisans reach customers beyond their imagination.
Sophia Stephen

Embracing e-commerce with Flipkart Samarth, India’s traditional artisans welcome a brighter future

India's artisans have long toiled to keep traditional crafts alive. But for decades, they've struggled to make a sustainable living. With Flipkart Samarth and its NGO partners, they now hope for access to a pan-India market, preservation of their art and a permanent flow of income. From Telangana to Kashmir, Tamil Nadu to Madhya Pradesh - read these remarkable stories of courage, hard work and conviction.