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Sunglasses: The cool and hot summer guide


From rounds to rectangles and Aviators to Wayfarers, up your style quotient and keep the summer cool with the hottest sunglasses. Here are 8 trending styles, for your eyes only!

Sunglasses: The cool and hot summer guide

Sunglasses are back and this time with a cool twist.  It’s summer time and the weather is fine. But in no time, things are going to get much hotter. Before the heat waves hit its high and the sun comes out in its full glory, get summer ready with these 8 hot sunglass styles.

Sunglasses to keep an eye out for!

In 1999 when the (then) Wachowski ‘Brothers’ introduced the neo-noir sci-fi action movie, The Matrix, the world went berserk on the geek and accessories showcased in the movie. One item that particularly rode the trends wave was the Rectangular sunshades. 17 years later the cool eye gear style still manages to pop some eyes.

Aviators have been around forever and will remain the oomph factor for generations of eyes ahead. Originated from the cool eyewear of pilots from the 1930s, new-age aviator glasses come in a variety of shapes, shades and designs.

Eye candy for every women, the 1950’s classic Cat Eyes sunglasses are designed with up-swept outer edges and quirky colors, giving each piece a unique character.

The evergreen Cadillac inspired Wayfarers are ideal for summers. Inspired by the tail fin of the vintage car, today the shades are available in a variety of design and sizes.

Round, square and oval sunglasses take inspiration from the 1970’s music scene. These retro shaped shades worn by legends like John Lennon and Mick Jagger literally takes the cool factor to the next level.

If you are into outdoor games, there is nothing better than the Sporty eye wear to beat the summer heat. These light and sleek sunglasses are best suited for those who like to step out and sweat it out during summers. Try the Wrap-around if you want to add a pinch of style to it.

Take a closer look at the cool shades for this season with this interactive guide:




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