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Summer essentials – Beat the heat this summer without breaking a sweat

Banish the summer heat and stay cool within budget this year. How? Read this Flipkart buying guide to get incredible deals on products that will keep you chilled out

Summer essentials – Beat the heat this summer without breaking a sweat

Summer means happy times and sunshine. It means going to the beach, visiting water theme parks, and having fun. But this time of the year can also get a little too hot to handle. So, here are a few summer essentials to keep you cool and comfy.

Dress for the weather

Summer headgear

summer essentials

Prolonged exposure to sunlight isn’t beneficial for your beautiful head of hair. So when the sun rays are too strong to bear, wear a hat or a cap, whichever you fancy. They can help protect you from the sun and ensure that you don’t have an unwanted tan.


summer essentials

Sunglasses are perfect for every occasion in the summer, provided the occasion isn’t being celebrated after sundown. If you’re looking for an accessory that can help protect you from the summer sun’s vicious glare and tie your outfit together perfectly, sunglasses are the best accessories to do just that.

Whether you’re looking for a pair that’s trendy, hip and current, or shades that have stood the test of time, you have a variety of options to choose from. So buy yourself a pair of shades that suit your look and most importantly, shield your eyes from the summer sun.

Summer attire

summer essentials

It’s always advisable to dress for the weather. In the summer, loose-fitting and comfortable clothes will keep you breezy. The fabric also plays an important role. Cotton and linen keep you cool in the heat as opposed to clothes woven from synthetic materials. Attire with fewer layers would also go a long way in keeping you cool in the summer. T-shirts & shorts are perfect to beat the heat during the day. If you’re heading out for dinner or a party, you can always dress for the occasion and keep cool at the same time. Try on summer dresses & summer blazers for social gatherings.

Crisply folded rescuer

summer essentials

Ever cleaned up to look your best for a gathering or an event, and have it all washed down the drain when you perspire uncontrollably in the heat? Keep these handkerchiefs with you at all times. They can come in handy right before you’re caught in a group photo or even candid clicks.

Footwear to impress relax

summer essentials

It is important to ensure that your feet don’t feel caged during the summer. Flip flops leave your feet free to breathe and as an added bonus, you won’t have to wear socks in the heat. The right shoes can also help your feet feel comfortable at all times despite the heat.

Body care to beat the heat

Shower to clean cool

summer essentials

Due to the excessive heat during the summer, sweating is a problem for many people. After all, who wants to be sticky and uncomfortable through the day? Use these cooling shampoos and shower gels when you shower to ensure that you stay fresh no matter how late in the day.

Smell great, feel great


Summer essentials

Deodorants, colognes & perfumes aren’t really seasonal products. Men and women use them all the time to smell attractive to those around them. But during the summer these products see a massive surge in demand simply because in the heat, it’s almost impossible to avoid being drenched in sweat and these products mask your body odor through the day. It is important to pick the the right scent for yourself and to keep in mind that you need everlasting freshness. Deodorants are budget friendly solutions suitable for anybody no matter what their age. If you have a little cashola in your pocket, colognes and perfumes would suit you well. Just remember, apart from your attire, your scent also plays an important role in making that lasting first impression.

Nobody likes an unwanted tan


Summer essentials

Sunscreens are essential to shield your precious skin from excessive tans & heat rashes. To ensure that your skin stays dry during the day, use talcum powder. Obviously, this also means that you won’t have sweat patches on your clothes to worry about.

Summer must-haves

H2O for the dehydrated soul


summer essentials

It’s not uncommon to feel parched during the summer. Most people don’t think much of it, but dehydration can cause serious complications health-wise. You could argue that a simple water bottle would be more than enough to keep you hydrated. But who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re drinking water straight from a cool water spring? These water bottles are not only portable. They are also durable and budget friendly. But most importantly, they keep your water cool and you, even cooler.

Inflatable fun


Summer essentials

Get the family out of the house and into the backyard where you can set up an inflatable pool for the kids to splash around in, while the adults laze about on lounge chairs sipping on lemonade… or other beverages. Throw a barbecue grill into the mix and you have a potential family weekend tradition.


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