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The Studio34 podcasts – Listen and be inspired

Flipkart Stories brings you the Studio34 podcasts. Each of our top stories is enhanced by these hugely listenable soundbites. Tune in and listen to them right here.

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Latest Studio34 podcasts

Blue Sky Podcast – Madan Padaki on CSR, life and satisfaction

Are corporates doing enough for society and equal opportunities for all? Has Corporate Social Responsibility really realized its limits? Social entrepreneur Madan Padaki tells Flipkart’s Blue Sky about the enormous possibilities of well-planned CSR.

When Flipsters served those who serve

On November 18, 2017, the tables were turned. Flipsters across the board spent the afternoon expressing their gratitude to the heroes behind the scenes — Flipkart’s support staff. As part of Flipkart’s Month Of Giving, they switched roles to serve Flipkart support staff a sumptuous special Oota (Kannadiga festive lunch). Listen to these reactions.

Meet Flipkart’s Customer Support Heroes

Flipkart’s Customer Support stars weigh in on the challenge and pleasure of addressing customer concerns that begin in despair but end in delight. What makes their jobs challenging and pleasurable? Hear it straight from these CX Heroes!

The Power of Partnerships

The Power of Partnership #FlipkartPartners meet in Bengaluru on August 30, 2017 was the glittering finale to the Month of Partners. Among the attendees were partners whose success has been interwoven with Flipkart’s decade-long journey of disruption. Listen in to this #Studio34 podcast!

Flipkart Chai! Meet Mohammed Imran, Flipkart’s vital refuel agent!

Supplying 12,000 cups of tea every day to Flipkart offices, Mohammed Imran is the vital refuel agent for Flipsters. His association with Flipkart is almost as old as the company itself, and to say that he is the cup of joy in the lives of thousands of Flipsters is an understatement. Imran has spent the better part of a decade crafting his extraordinary success story. Listen to Imran tell the story of Flipkart Chai!

Kartik Iyer of Happy mcgarrybowen reflects on the Flipkart partnership

In 2010, Flipkart brought on board Happy Creative Services to make its first television commercials. By 2011, the series of ad films dubbed No Kidding No Worries was a national sensation, projecting Brand Flipkart into the limelight. The Flipkart Kids earned a place in Indian advertising’s hall of fame. Kartik Iyer, Co-founder and CEO of Happy mcgarrybowen, recounts the agency’s partnership with Flipkart.

How S M Fathaulla gave Flipkart a business address

In 2007, the year that Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal started up Flipkart, a genial gentleman named S M Fathaulla gave the Bengaluru-based startup the proverbial roof over its head. In the quiet residential neighborhood of Koramangala 4th Block, the Flipkart founders moved into the first floor of a modest two-storied building. Listen to his story in this exclusive Studio34 podcast for Flipkart Stories.

Xiaomi MD Manu Kumar Jain chats with Flipkart CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy

In this Studio 34 podcast for Flipkart Stories: Flipkart CEO Kalyan Krishhnamurthy and Xiaomi MD and Global VP Manu Kumar Jain have a hearty chat about the strong partnership between the two companies. Listen and share.

#FlipkartCustomerDay – Flipkart customers speak up

On #FlipkartCustomerDay, we invited Flipkart customers to experience how India’s most exciting e-commerce company works. On July 26, 2017, a group of customers visited us. Among them was 81-year-old Meenakshi Padmanabhan, an app-savvy grandmother who strode in elegantly attired in a Kanjeevaram silk sari. She listened attentively to all our sessions and wowed us with her wisdom on online shopping. “I can’t go to the shop to buy anything,” she laughs, one hand on her walking stick. “So shopping on my mobile phone helps me.” Her voice, in Tamil, is the first clip you will hear on this Studio34 podcast. Also listen to our Shashi Diwan, Ramakrishnan V and other eloquent customers, speaking in English, as they explain why they prefer shopping on Flipkart. Listen up and share!

Flipkart’s transgender customers have left a message on the wall

A wall is a blank space. Until the proverbial writing goes up on it. Flipkart’s customers from the transgender community, together with Aravani Art Project, painted a wall at a Flipkart hub in Bengaluru to send across a strong message of inclusiveness that enshrines the core Flipkart value of Customer First. Studio34 went behind the scenes with Priyanka, Shanthi, Sowndharya and Kanchana to listen to their views about how online shopping has shown them an avenue towards social equality.
(Track contains English, Kannada and Tamil)

Gridlock Hackathon – Sridhar Pabbisetty on solving Bengaluru’s traffic woes

Sridhar Pabbisetty, CEO of Namma Bengaluru Foundation, speaks to Flipkart’s Studio34 about solving Bengaluru’s infamous traffic woes. Flipkart’s unique outreach to citizens, Gridlock Hackathon, calls techies, smart innovators and concerned citizens to put their energy and minds to work recommend practical solutions to Bengaluru’s traffic problems.

CEO For A Day – Padmini Pagadala on being a dinosaur Flipster

Four years can seem like an eternity at Flipkart, which at age ten is already an elder sibling to a generation of Indian startups. Padmini Pagadala, who designs Fulfillment Centers, reflects on being a ‘dinosaur’ in a company that she says has changed the way India buys. Padmini Pagadala, Associate Director – Design, reflects on being a dinosaur at Flipkart four years since she designed her first Fulfillment Center. Padmini, the finalist of the CEO For A Day contest conducted among Flipsters, was selected by CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy to take over the reins of Flipkart for a day.

Studio34 Podcast – Leena Kejriwal on being human

In this Studio34 podcast, photographer and installation artist Leena Kejriwal speaks about her art and awareness campaign, M.I.S.S.I.N.G., which addresses the issue of millions of girls who are lost to sex trafficking. Listen to her narrate her story.

Happy Holi from students of Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled

Students of Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, who painted the colorful Holi cards for Ekart, share their life ambitions and wish you a Happy Holi! Listen to this heart-stirring Studio34 podcast.

Be inspired: Mahantesh G Kivadasannavar – Founder, Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled

In this Studio34 podcast for Flipkart Stories, Mahantesh G Kivadasannavar, the eloquent Founder Managing Trustee of Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled, speaks about the work done by the trust and its impact on the lives of people with disabilities. Listen to this Studio34 podcast.

Studio34 Podcast – What inspires triathlete Nagaraj Harsha?

At 27, Nagaraj Harsha is an inspiration. This 3-time Ironman & Triathlete has completed 4 International Triathlons, 1 National triathlon and numerous endurance events, while also juggling his full-time job as a Business Development Manager. Studio 34 interviews Nagaraj Harsha for Flipkart Stories in the first of the Blue Sky Studio34 podcasts.