The Speaking Wall – Flipkart’s transgender customers paint a message

A wall is a blank space. Until the proverbial writing goes up on it. Flipkart's customers from the transgender community, together with Aravani Art Project, painted a wall at a Flipkart hub in Bengaluru to send across a strong message of inclusiveness that enshrines the core Flipkart value of Customer First


A wall is a blank space. Or so it remains until the proverbial writing is up on it. A wall divides and encloses, or protects or confines, a space. But often we forget that the wall is also a space for artistic expression. A space to leave a message that will turn heads, and warm hearts. At Flipkart, we enfold communities into the spaces we create. Online shopping offers a space in which they can feel empowered and liberated. Our customers hail from all walks of life. Some of them live away from the mainstream, on the margins of society.

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To Flipkart, customers come first. Online shopping, to us, is about fulfilling the wishes of customers all over India, and enabling them access to affordable, high quality products and a better lifestyle. There is no room for bias or prejudice in this relationship. Except, of course, a bias for action – that is a core Flipkart value.

Studio34 podcast: Flipkart’s customers from the transgender community speak up on online shopping, social acceptance, life and ambitions, activism and art (English, Kannada and Tamil) 

On July 19, 2017, our customers from the transgender community joined Flipsters to exercise our bias for action. You may have read about Shanthi, Priyanka, Sowndharya and Kanchana in our story about Flipkart’s transgender customers. While Shanthi and Priyanka, who live in Bengaluru, are radio jockeys with a community radio initiative, Sowndharya and Kanchana are from Chennai. All four are part of the Aravani Art Project, a wall-art initiative that advocates the idea of utilizing community spaces to support social causes. With an artwork designed by Flipster Sadhna Prasad, our customers from the transgender community came together with Flipsters and members of the Aravani Art Project to paint a message on the wall of our delivery hub in Bengaluru. It’s a simple and powerful message and it will remind and encourage Flipsters who pass by it every day that the only bias we entertain is a bias for action.

Flip through this slideshow for photos from the event:

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