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Exchange your mobile on Flipkart – myths and facts

Is your old phone stalling a much awaited upgrade? Feeling stuck because you can’t get rid of it? Well, we have the answer to all your worries—try smartphone exchange on Flipkart. Here’s all you need to know.

Exchange your mobile on Flipkart – myths and facts

Exchange your mobile for a new one, they said. So what’s giving you cold feet? Do you have doubts about the process? Is your mind aflutter with questions? Does the very thought of Exchange have you going: “Will I get the right price for my old phone?” “Will the process take a lot of time?” “How will the price be credited to me?”

Here’s everything you need to know how to exchange your old phone for a brand new smartphone on Flipkart. Don’t forget to keep this Smartphone Exchange Checklist handy.

Mobile exchange – myths and facts

Flipkart Smartphone Exchange - What you should know

Fact: Not only can you buy a new phone on Flipkart, you can exchange your old device. Depending on the condition of your old phone and the specifics of the model, you will be offered a discount.

Mobile exchanges on Flipkart - myths and facts

Fact: Exchanges can’t get easier. While making your purchase, opt for an exchange and we will take care of the rest. Just make sure that you are available in person when we come to deliver the new phone and collect the old one to aid the verification process. As for the steps, it’s just a matter of two clicks on the Flipkart mobile app or desktop.

Exchange your mobile on Flipkart

Fact: If you plan to exchange your phone on Flipkart, we guarantee a no-pain, all-gain experience. There is no need to haggle or bargain during product exchange. You will get the best value for your old smartphone and a hassle-free transfer.

Mobile Exchange on Flipkart

Fact: Our experts have created a pro rata value against each and every phone that can be exchanged on Flipkart. This guarantees a fair price for all buyers. Also, we provide instant cashback, so keep your money worries away.

Flipkart Smartphone Exchange Myths and Facts

Fact: Flipkart looks at two basic checks on your old phone before approving the product exchange. First, your old smartphone must be in working condition. The second check is on the display and screen of your old smartphone. As long as it is intact and functional, nothing can stop you from exchanging your old phone for a new one.

Convinced about exchanging your old handset for a new smartphone? Click here to check out the latest irresistible offers on Flipkart.

Quick insight into mobile exchanges

Not sure what new smartphone to buy on exchanging your old one? Here are some buying trends that we have observed. If you have a Google Nexus, Motorola, Lenovo or a Samsung for exchange, these facts are bound to interest you.

Flipkart Smartphone Exchange Process

Enjoy shopping on Flipkart

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