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3 smart devices that are transforming our lives


Watches that tell more than the time. TVs that personalize content. Smart devices are changing the way we live, work and play

3 smart devices that are transforming our lives

Whether you believe in the theory of accelerating change (a breakneck increase in the rate of technological progress through history and believed to be even higher in the future) or you’re a skeptic, you have to admit that the flurry of inventions that have given us smart and intuitive gadgets has intrinsically altered the fabric of our lives. Here are three smart devices that are dramatically changing the way we live, work and play.


Smart Wearables

As tech pundits have observed, smart watches are causing a revolution of galactic proportions with timekeeping taking a back seat. The invention and then the acceptance of the smart watch is the next paradigm shift from the days when it became necessary for men and women to carry a reminder of time in the form of intricately designed pocket watches. A few decades later, watchmakers designed simple wristwatches that also doubled as jewelry. Today, a smartwatch not only adds 21st century pizzazz to your wardrobe, but with features that also help you take control of your health and provide a more convenient way to access every feature your smartphone has, it seems to have all the answers to our harried lives. A compact unit that gives us easy access to all the information blasted our way by the increasingly data-heavy digital world we are part of, the smart watch is sure to go through more revisions in the near future, giving us more control and personalization.


Smart screen

Gone are the days of the couch potato. Your smart television can now do more than you ever thought possible. Today’s idiot box is smart enough to take over your household’s entertainment and offers features that may assist you at work too. You can use it to access the web and yes, the extra large screen with 4K resolution makes everything look grander than usual. It can even play your favorite movie off your phone or continue playing the song from your phone’s playlist. A few smart TVs can also remind you to change the battery on your remote and respond to your command to change channels and a lot more besides, while offering touch sensitive and gesture recognizing software. Let’s wait and watch to see what else that smart television hanging prominently in our living rooms will offer us next.


Smart lens 

As we aspire to share more of our life with family and friends (and strangers!), the humble camera has once again come to the forefront. Four decades ago Kodak invented the digital camera, and though it changed our way our species looked at recording personal events, we’d say that the unprecedented rise of amateur videos, adventure photography and Instagram accounts is due to Nick Woodman’s invention in 2004: the GoPro. These wearable, mountable and rugged cameras can geo-tag the location where a photo or video was taken, use the inbuilt Wi-Fi sensor to connect to the internet and upload our pictures and videos on various digital social platforms while saving us money in the bargain. Talk about having your cake and eating it too!

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