Chandni Chowk to pan-India! This small business found national reach via Flipkart

When Jinander Jain adopted digital commerce to expand his small business, he didn't quite expect that his home décor products would soon reach every corner of the nation. From humble beginnings to becoming an ace seller on Flipkart, Jinander’s story of massive transformation is one for the books. Read it here.

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Each blank wall is an empty canvas with a story to tell, and that’s exactly what Jinander Jain’s small business is all about. Based in the bustling, colorful Chandni Chowk, Jinander’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1998. This Delhi-based entrepreneur deals with a range of wall décor with attractive prints and motifs that appeal to a wide audience all across the country.

But this wasn’t always the case. Jinander’s sales were once limited to local demand until digital commerce transformed his market reach. The tremendous growth that his firm has witnessed over the years tells another colorful story – that of millions of MSMEs just like Jinander’s.

E-commerce is the route of choice for many small businesses looking to scale up and access nationwide reach without massive investment. Through e-commerce, they’re also able to get the supply chain support they need to grow their enterprises. Jinander’s business, Rangoli Advertisers Delhi, has experienced this first-hand. Read his growth story in his own words.

On the cards: Adopting digital commerce

I am Jinander Jain, and my firm is called Rangoli Advertisers Delhi. It’s been about six years since our small business went online.

While things were going well in our offline operations, a couple of years back, like every other business, we too faced a difficult time. During 2014-15, our small business faced severe challenges. It was then that a friend suggested I also consider an online platform to increase our sales.

We got started immediately and I chose around three platforms for e-commerce. However, the support we received from Flipkart was unparalleled. No other platform could support us as effectively.

A paradigm shift for my small business

One of the biggest USPs of online platforms is that your payment is secured. You are well aware of how many products are being listed and how many are being sold. With Flipkart, creating listings is easy too. Any doubts are cleared by the Flipkart team and the new products are listed in no time.

In fact, Flipkart’s team gives me suggestions on how to place the product on the platform to boost my small business. Be it related to photographs or creating a new design, they are closely involved. The encouragement from Flipkart is immense and the recommendations I get further motivate me to fulfill and meet the demands of my customers.

Winning with digital commerce

There was improvement right from Day 1 when I joined Flipkart. This is possible because we review our products regularly. By improving my products, I can cater to the growing requirements of my customers better. Packing is another major factor to consider with online selling. I followed the packing suggestions given by the Flipkart team. This also helped me scale my small business.

My advice to my fellow sellers is to trust and follow Flipkart’s guidelines. Their timely suggestions and guidelines can increase your business volume by over 4x to 5x!

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