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10 simple ideas for a total home makeover

A home makeover can be just as easy as refreshing your wardrobe. You just need to know where to concentrate your efforts

10 simple ideas for a total home makeover

Your home is meant to be a place where you can relax and unwind after you’re done dealing with the hectic demands of daily life. However, one of the most common problems with even the most well-planned and well-designed homes is that they start looking dated very soon. No matter how much effort you’ve put into your décor and furnishings, you need to give it a face-lift every so often. So if you’re aiming to infuse freshness into your home this season, but don’t know where to start, we present 10 simple home makeover tips that will instantly spruce up your living space—without breaking the bank!

1. Window treatments
There’s so much you can do with curtains to vary the look and feel of any room. Go for charming prints, a contrasting trim or bold colors such as the ExpressionsHome Polyester Blue Solid Eyelet Window Curtain. If you don’t feel like changing the color or fabric, merely embellish your curtains with beautiful tassels to create a focal interest. We recommend these Vrinda Brown Tassels for cream, light green or even light brown curtains.

2. Fresh paint
One of the best ways to instantly spruce up a house is to give it a fresh coat of paint! You can play around with the color palette and choose bright, airy colors or even go bold on a particular wall. And there’s no need to call in the painters, with their messy brushes and rollers that drip paint everywhere, when this Telebuy Paintzoom PZ-1 HVLP Sprayer lets you bathe your walls as you please, literally at the push of a button! And DIY projects are so much fun anyway, right?

3. Dining table
It’s where the entire family gathers day after day to share both home-cooked food and the highlights of their day. Change the ambience and infuse some energy into your dining room by swapping your boring old table with a new avatar. We think this lovely @home Hercules Solid Wood Dining Set is a smart investment.

4. Lighting
Lights don’t just illuminate a space, but also lend a sleek and polished look to the room. Theme lighting, mood lighting, ambient lighting and accent lighting is the name of the game. Change the way your bedroom looks by getting a contemporary piece such as the Shady Ideas Interlocker Table Lamp or the ambiance of your living room with a chandelier like the Learc Designer Lighting HL3766 Ceiling Lamp and let your lights do the talking!

5. Upholstery
Tired of your old sofa or diwan and don’t know what to do about it? Operation revamp can be just as simple as refreshing the upholstery or linen. Just changing the fabric can make a world of difference and we love this Swayam Cotton Printed Diwan Set, which is bright and energetic.

6. Bookshelves

You can also create a great point of interest by adding a tall bookshelf to your home without taking up precious floor space. We recommend the Kingscrafts Solid Wood Open Book Shelf that will spectacularly display your reading tastes, while also bringing a pop of color to the room.
7. Fountain
The soft murmur of a water fountain is like music for the soul. Bring an oasis of calm to your home by adding a water fountain in a green corner indoors, and you’ll succeed in completely transforming your space. We love this Importwala Indoor Water Fountain for its stylish sophistication.


8. Chest of drawers

Whether it’s your foyer, living room or bedroom, an arresting focal point like a chest of drawers looks very attractive and is quite the practical addition too. Pick up something like this lively and arresting Evok Solid Wood Chest of Drawers that doubles up as ample storage space for those never-ending knick-knacks!

9. Vintage or eclectic framed posters
Add drama to your home by putting together a bunch of framed posters that truly speak to your passions. Whether its vintage prints, abstract art or kitschy motifs, take your pick and give your walls something to display. We really like this Vintage Wooden Chest Fine Art Print.

10. The bar
A mini bar is a great addition when you’re revamping your home, and ideal for modern lifestyles. Whether you want a big, blocky bar or want to save space with something like this Woodpecker Angola Solid Wood Bar Cabinet, pick a home bar that indulges your sense of flair and fits your existing décor. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up these handy bar accessories either!

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