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Shopping for kids, smartphones and smarter kids


Shopping for kids is no child’s play. That’s why The All India Bachcha Party is here to help decode what goes on in a child’s mind

Shopping for kids, smartphones and smarter kids

Kids today are further ahead in making decisions than their counterparts in the 80s-90s. Earlier, mums decided what kids wore and their collection of toys was majorly hand-me-downs. Things have changed drastically today. Kids are gadget-savvy and far more aware of things around them. This means that the challenges of parenting have evolved too.

It’s a great time to be a child again and a testing time to be a parent. As grownups, keeping pace with the little ones is quite a big deal. As mothers and fathers put in their best, it sometimes calls for a little more.

Take shopping for instance. Shopping for kids is tricky, because their uncommon sense often beats every adult’s common sense. We assume their shopping choices are influenced by convention – that they’ll like something their friend has, or that your little girl will love to play with a doll, and your little boy will enjoy racing his new toy car around the house.

Dig a little deeper and you will be in for a surprise. Your little one might not like something his friend already has, because it’s not original. Young parents will agree – decoding what happens in a child’s mind is no child’s play. But we’re here to help.

We believe that shopping for them should be a fun affair, where mums and dads can indulge for their little ones with a lot of love. They shouldn’t have to run to a mall, endlessly search for parking, while managing the hyper-excited kid simultaneously.

Picture sitting in the cozy confines of your house, and browsing through the widest range of apparel, footwear, books, toys and everything that will tickle your child’s imagination. At India’s largest online kids store, you will be able to browse from a carefully curated selection of stuff that will click with your child’s idea of trendy, awesome and wooooaaahhh! After all, knowing what to shop for them starts with knowing where to shop.

So, for all you grownups, we got ‘The All India Bachcha Party’ to put together some advice on shopping for kids to make life easier. Give these mini comedians a watch. We’re sure you’ll be thoroughly entertained.

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