Second Opinion: How many do you need before you buy?

Every Indian loves getting a second opinion. Flipkart realized that customers would appreciate one where it matters. Watch these videos

second opinion

Every Indian loves getting a second opinion. And not just from doctors to know if that “stomach upset” is actually just about your stomach, but about everything. We need a trailer before a review, and a review before a view. On which car to buy, which locality to rent in, which road to take… everything. Because, as much as we Indians like giving people a second chance, we don’t like taking one.

So the team at Flipkart, serious as they are, on a bright Friday afternoon asked themselves two questions:

“In a culture swarmed with second opinions, how can we make it easier for customers to buy what they want?”

And secondly: “What to get for lunch?”

Read on for answers to #1

second opinion

Flipkart acknowledged this problem and addressed it by getting some very interesting people involved.

Here’s what Cyrus Sahukar, one of the funniest people on television (now one of the funniest on the web), and a film and theatre actor, said about his extremely unhealthy relationship… with his smartphone.

Cyrus, evidently, suffers from sleep-scrolling. A rare (but soon-to-be common) condition where he can’t keep himself from aimlessly scrolling on his phone, right through the night. So, in addition to visiting a doctor and getting a second opinion, he’s decided to give one as well.

As Cyrus says, The Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch is quite a smart little device, and it does almost everything a phone can.

Guess that says it all.

If there’s someone out there whose relationship with their smartphone is getting too complex, maybe it calls for a mediator. Go ahead. Log on to Flipkart ASAP, and grab one of these snazzy looking smartwatches. It’s about time!

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