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Samsung On Max and low-light photography = #BringAliveTheDark

Never be afraid of the dark again. Flipkart Stories photographer Arjun Paul took the Samsung On Max for a spin in the desert dunes of Khimsar. Take a look

Samsung On Max and low-light photography = #BringAliveTheDark

Taking sharp pictures in low light presents a challenge even to seasoned photographers with high-end cameras. Samsung, makers of some of the most advanced Android personal devices, has its finger right on the pulse — and the trigger — with the new Samsung On Max. Take our word for it. We didn’t just read the brochure. Flipkart Stories’ official photographer Arjun Paul took the Samsung On Max for a spin in the dunes of Rajasthan and came back with these pictures that will have you thirsting for more. 

Hosted at Khimsar Fort, a 16th century heritage hotel perched on the rim of the expansive Thar desert just shy of a two-hour drive from Jodhpur, Arjun enjoyed a short workshop with Aman Chothani, a professional travel and lifestyle photographer based in New Delhi who has a yen for travel and heritage. As the sun set on the dunes, Arjun slipped out with the Samsung On Max to, quite literally, bring alive the dark. 

Now, here’s the thing about the Samsung On Max. Its f/1.7 rear camera and f/1.9 front camera are no pushovers. In fact, with their combined power they can challenge many of the high-end cameras when it comes to clear and sharp low-light photography. Which means you can bring alive the real mood of those magical sunsets and romantic candle-light dinners. 

Check out these pictures. Better still, get hold of a Samsung On Max for yourself and #BringAliveTheDark. Take our recommendation for it – it’s one of the best camera phones on the shelves.

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