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Ready Daddy sweatshirt — The all-purpose superhero suit for Penguin Dads!

Stainless. Buttonless. Anti-bacterial. Flipkart brings you the Ready Daddy sweatshirt — an all-purpose shirt equipped to ensure that every Penguin Dad and his young one enjoy uninterrupted quality time. Sounds unbelievable? Find out what makes the Ready Daddy sweatshirt so special

Ready Daddy sweatshirt — The all-purpose superhero suit for Penguin Dads!

Let’s hear it for Penguin Dads. You’ve read about how Indian dads are redefining parenting roles. And how fathers are now helping with homework, making that perfect breakfast omelet, and taking time off to help with exam coaching, or even turning up at PTA meetings. Since the Penguin Dad is made of superhero material, we thought it’s time to suit him up. So here’s an innovative and very practical shirt designed especially for the dads who do it all. Flipkart proudly presents the Ready Daddy sweatshirt. Get it here!

The Ready Daddy sweatshirt is designed to equip doting fathers to be prepared for any occasion — from those sloppy gravity-defying burps and bib-challenging feeding accidents to being quick on the draw in a squishy diaper emergency. Sounds too good to be true? Check out the salient features of the Ready Daddy sweatshirt from Flipkart.

No stain, no strain

Remember that crisp white shirt that became a crushed green shirt after a game of ‘Here comes the choo choo train’? It’s almost too easy to spill food on your clothes and ruin them. Sometimes, even being a second too late to address a diaper emergency can lead to a mess that takes more than just sheer will to clean up. Rest your worries, Penguin Dads, Never again shall playtime leave a stain on your day. The Ready Daddy sweatshirt is woven from French terry, N9 Anti-Microbial fabric treated for color resistance. One wash is all it takes to make your Ready Daddy sweatshirt stain-free and as good as new.

Ready Daddy sweatshirt from Flipkart

Unbutton your imagination

There’s something absolutely calming about watching your precious little one fall asleep in your arms. Few things are as gratifying and heart-warming as watching your child sleeping peacefully, wrapped in a cocoon of warmth and love, lost in a little world of dreams. But if your sweatshirt has buttons, it could get uncomfortable for the baby and interrupt the little one’s nap. The Ready Daddy sweatshirt is button-free for this very reason. With elasticated sleeves, the Ready Daddy sweatshirt makes sure that nothing interrupts your darling’s sweet dreams.

The Ready Daddy sweatshirt has room for everything

For the Penguin Dad who can’t take his eyes of his darling baby for even a second, it’s important to have everything his baby needs, on him, at all times. This can be a lot to juggle as your baby can be quite a handful. But we’ve cracked the puzzle with the Ready Daddy sweatshirt. Deep utility pockets and a hook to hold baby bottles, small toys/diapers, your baby’s rattle, burp cloth, etc., ensure that Penguin Dad is well equipped to meet baby’s needs. Whatever be your swag, the Ready Daddy sweatshirt has room for it. Move over, Batman!

Ready Daddy sweatshirt from Flipkart

Show off your soft side

A healthy and happy baby is one that gets to take as many undisturbed naps as possible. An added bonus is that babies are also most manageable when they’re asleep. That’s exactly why we designed the Ready Daddy sweatshirt to have a quilted upper body to provide extra cushioning when rocking your baby to sleep. Just so that daddy doesn’t have to worry about his dad bod diet either!

Bedtime stories comics

Running out of imagination to weave your bedtime fables? Inspiration is right up your sleeve, literally! Ready Daddy sweatshirts have cartoon storyboards along the sleeves for both baby and daddy to enjoy story-time together. Never run out of tall tales again!

Get ready to rock-a-bye

If you’re a daddy who likes to take your music with you, and if you are worried about baby messing with the headphone cables, there’s a nifty invention in the Ready Daddy sweatshirt that you should know about. The Ready Daddy sweatshirt is designed with a headphone loop at the back. So, Penguin Dads, it’s time to rock… just make sure Incy Wincy Spider is on your playlist!

To all the Penguin Dads who are immersed in the joy of parenting, we dedicate the Ready Daddy sweatshirt to you. Get your Ready Daddy sweatshirt on Flipkart!


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