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What’s your USB? Pick a pen drive to suit your personality!

Pen Drive. Thumb Drive. USB Stick. Whatever you call it, it’s more than just a quick, portable and handy way to store and transfer data. Your pen drive should reflect your personality! Choose from Flipkart’s wide selection of fun and funky pen drives!

What’s your USB? Pick a pen drive to suit your personality!

Pen Drive. Thumb Drive. USB Stick. Flash Drive. Jump Drive. Data Stick. Finger Stick. Pocket Drive. Memory Stick. Whatever name you call it, this trusty little device is more than just a convenient way to carry gigabytes of data without keeling over under the load. So, why should it not reflect your mood or your personality?

Does your pen drive pack a punch?

Do you like superheroes? We’ve got Captain America’s shield and the Iron Man fist. Are you into sports? We’ve got a rugby pen drive that’s simply waiting for you to head to the field! Whatever your passion, our collection of fancy thumb drives is guaranteed to thrill, entertain and inspire you. But if you’re looking for a USB drive that truly champions who you are, we’ve created a personality guide that will lead you to the one true pen drive that pairs with you like nothing else!

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Infographic: Does your pen drive match your personality?

For the comedian

Are you the one that provides the laugh track for the office? Your sense of humor says a lot about you. Laugh it up with this Minion or this SpongeBob pen drive as you continue to have your friends, family and co-workers in splits!

For the outdoor adventurer

Care for the environment? Love to live your dreams under the wide, blue sky? You are a free spirit and, as you savor the new, the offbeat and the risky, show off your spirited style with this hook or this camera pen drive, both of which make a statement about your lifestyle. Plus, they transfer data super fast!

For the motor maniac

Mad about cars? There’s no end to your list, any more than there’s an end to roads or speed or the joy of movement! When you drive off into the sunset, this car key or this sports car pen drive will reflect your love for automobiles as effectively as your choice in road trip music!

For the child at heart

Nap-time, coloring, and not a care in the world. You believe it doesn’t have to end when one gets older — and why should you? As you indulge your inner child with a daily dose of cartoons and comic books, keep your icons close to you. For starters, here’s a Tom and Jerry USB drive. Or how about this Winnie the Pooh pen drive?

For the trendsetter

You know what’s in vogue and how to pull it off faster, better and more stylishly than anyone else! Whether you’re sharing your collection of trendy songs or the latest movies, do it with style using this blingy bag USB flash drive or this red shoe thumb drive.

For the modern romantic

You have a flair for romantic ideas, sweet gestures and passionate spontaneity at the drop of a hat! You don’t think it’s overtly feminine or less masculine to plan a romantic dinner, bring home flowers for no reason, or simply find the time in a hectic day to express admiration for your partner. Flaunt your romantic gene with one of these — music man USB drive, heart-shaped thumb drive or flower printed pen drive!

For the lover of bling

Sparkles! Need we say more? Whether you’re channeling our desi Bappi da or rapper 50 Cent, this gold guitar pen drive embellished with crystals, or this gold bar pen drive will talk the talk as you walk the walk!

For the foodie

You live to eat to, and to search for authentic culinary experiences no matter whether they are offered in a plastic tray or a silver-plated ramekin!  Sharing or storing recipes? Sport your love for all things spicy and sweet with this burger-shaped pen drive or this coffee mug-shaped USB stick.

Or just browse the entire range of pen drives on Flipkart!

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Infographic by Arjun Paul | Flipkart Stories

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