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5 personal safety devices everyone should carry

5 personal safety devices everyone should carry

Personal safety is a matter of concern for everyone. Here are some things that can come in handy when under threat.


No matter which part of the country you’re in, personal safety is a concern. There are many smartphone apps that helps alert our friends, family or even the police. But at a time when we are threatened, and there is clear and present danger, it’s human nature to rely on some immediate defenses. This is where the presence of a safety device can make a huge difference. Carrying one or more of these personal safety devices can ensure peace of mind and help us deal with a difficult situation, should one end up arising.


Pepper Spray

In cases of absolute emergency, pepper spray is an effective detterent in a close encounter. Designed to be easy to carry and discharge, it requires caution as the spray affects all those in the vicinity and not just the immediate assailant. Make sure you read the usage guidance before use.


Rechargeable Stun Gun

A stun gun can be used to temporarily debilitate an assailant with an electric charge. Disguised as an innocuous object, like a flashlight, it also has the advantage of taking the attacker by surprise.


Personal Security Alarm

This security alarm can help draw attention to yourself if you ever feel threatened. It is immediately audible to anyone in the vicinity, and can bring you the help you need. More of a preventative device, it can at times deter the probable threat enough to leave you alone.


Expandable Iron Baton

This baton is easy to carry and easily extendable with just a flick of the wrist. It can be used to hit an assailant and fend off attack.


Steel Knuckles

These steel knuckles would work well if you have some prior training in martial arts or boxing. They make your punches all the more striking and can cause some serious damage to an attacker.

Browse through the full list of personal safety devices here. Carry whatever you’re comfortable with, and remember to keep the number of the local police on speed dial and communicate with family and friends in the event that you find yourself in harm’s way.


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