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Power Of Partnership: With market insights and flagship tech, Flipkart and OnePlus partner to democratize smart products

Committed to having its users ‘Never Settle’ for anything less, OnePlus has rapidly expanded its tech offerings, branching out from flagship smartphones to high-performance TVs, nifty smartbands, powerful earphones, and more. In this #PowerOfPartnership Q&A, Siddhant Narayan, Head of Marketing for India at OnePlus explains what partnering with Flipkart means in terms of reaching the brand’s next 300 million consumers.

Power Of Partnership: With market insights and flagship tech, Flipkart and OnePlus partner to democratize smart products

With a reputation for launching flagship technology at competition-beating price points, OnePlus has grown to become a household name in the Indian tech sphere. A game-changer in the mid-range mobile phone segment, OnePlus has a technological innovation footprint that spans categories like TVs, audio, and wearables. Today, switching to smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices is becoming the norm and OnePlus helps users meet their aspirations affordably. For instance, OnePlus smart TVs featuring Android OS, premium design, and high-performance hardware, start at price points you’d expect to get a smartphone at.

To reach a wider base of aspirational consumers, especially those in Tier-II markets and beyond, OnePlus embarked on a new journey with Flipkart in 2020. This partnership, though in its nascent stages, has already borne fruit. It has helped Flipkart address the growing needs of shoppers in emerging markets. Likewise, it’s enabled OnePlus to create customized offerings using Flipkart’s deep market insights.

Siddhant Narayan, Head of Marketing for India at OnePlus, has experienced this partnership first-hand. Responsible for elevating the OnePlus brand position, Siddhant spearheads its marketing strategy across the subcontinent. His goal: To connect with the Indian consumer meaningfully and nurture strong bonds with fans. He is key to OnePlus building a connected ecosystem in India and champions media and creative strategies while promoting culture engagement efforts. It’s worth noting that Siddhant was a professional cricketer during his early days. As the OnePlus innings with Flipkart takes center-stage, here’s what he has to say on the power of partnership.

Excerpts from a Q&A

When and how did the partnership between OnePlus and Flipkart come into effect?

In a bid to expand our reach and make OnePlus devices more accessible to users across the country, we embarked on our partnership with Flipkart in 2020. Currently, our product portfolio on Flipkart consists of the much-awaited (and our first wearable product), the OnePlus Band, as well as the popular OnePlus TV Q1 Series, the recently launched OnePlus TV Y Series, OnePlus Buds Z, OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z, and other popular accessories.

This partnership will be truly instrumental in reaching out to a wider segment of our potential customers and penetrating the regional markets, thereby expanding our base in Tier-II markets and beyond. As a growing technology brand, we continue to explore new avenues of engagement and access for our community and focus on driving a seamless brand experience for our users across channels.

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What were the market opportunities that necessitated this partnership?

At OnePlus, we introduced our revamped business strategy last year, focusing on diversifying our product portfolio through new product lines across various price points. The year 2020 was also an important one, wherein identifying new channels to reach out to potential consumers was crucial. And our partnership with Flipkart helped us achieve exactly this.

Through Flipkart’s pan-India supply chain, we are able to reach out to newer consumers across the country and thereby make the OnePlus experience more accessible to a larger user base. The new normal also placed an increased focus on building more online touchpoints to enable a safe and convenient shopping experience for our consumers. This is further facilitated by Flipkart’s safe and sanitized supply chain. As we further expand and work towards building a connected ecosystem, our fruitful partnership with Flipkart will support us in our efforts, while we cater to reach out to its wide customer base of over 300 million through newer and more innovative measures.

OnePlus Q&A with Siddhant Narayan

What challenges did OnePlus face that Flipkart helped address? What impact has the partnership achieved, in terms of benefits to customers?

As a brand that is growing rapidly in India, we have been working hard on expanding our presence for our community as well as potential consumers to easily access our products. In the past year, we have consciously worked towards increasing our offline as well as online presence. Our partnership with Flipkart helps us leverage the platform’s pan-India reach and tap into its wide consumer base.

Flipkart, through its deep understanding of the market, offers brands like OnePlus an effective platform for harnessing consumer purchase intent and expanding our presence in markets across Tier-II cities and beyond. The consumer and market insights shared by the team will continue to play a vital role in helping us customize our offerings to suit the requirements of our users.

What were the key milestones of this partnership?

We began our strategic partnership with Flipkart less than a year ago, and it has already been playing a significant role in helping us strengthen our brand positioning across various markets, including Tier-II cities and beyond, as well as widen our consumer outreach for our connected ecosystem segment by tapping into Flipkart’s unique customer base.

This fruitful partnership was a collective effort of members across the sales teams, marketing teams, as well as the strategy teams from OnePlus and Flipkart, who worked relentlessly to make this a success and ensured that our consumers enjoy a seamless experience.

We also gained immense support from the senior management of both entities who guided the teams effectively throughout the process.

OnePlus Q&A with Siddhant Narayan

Can you encapsulate the core benefits of OnePlus’ partnership with Flipkart in a few words?

At OnePlus, it has been our constant endeavor to evaluate and evolve our go-to market strategy and this collaboration is another step in that direction. We are happy to partner with Flipkart and strengthen our efforts to expand our reach and make OnePlus more accessible to our community across the country. The current scenario has increased the demand for safer and more convenient shopping, and our partnership with Flipkart enables us to provide a seamless shopping experience for consumers across markets. The platform’s effective reach and ability to generate consumer awareness has helped us cater to the demand in a wider market, which includes tier-II regions and beyond. We look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership with Flipkart to bring the best of premium technology to our community across India.

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