#OneInABillion: On a road less traveled, Tahaseen proves her doubters wrong

For Tahaseen R, nothing is more important than following her own calling. That’s why, even with pressure from her family to pursue conventional jobs, she chose a road less traveled. In this story, discover more about this energetic team leader from our hub in Visakhapatnam as she tells us about her journey.


In this #OneInABillion story, Tahaseen R, an executive at a Flipkart hub, carves a new path for herself in the supply chain industry.

I have lived in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh my entire life. I am a BBA graduate and it has only been a year since I started working at Flipkart, right after college.

The supply chain industry wasn’t always my first option. I come from a family of engineers, and my mother was a teacher. It was expected of me to choose something that was more mainstream, like Chartered Accountancy (CA). But honestly, it never fit right with me.

I dislike sitting at a desk all day. I have this strong need to move around, to interact with people, and get to know them in person, to be in dynamic surroundings. So when I landed this position at the Flipkart hub, it was perfect.


I am the first woman from my family to work in the supply chain field. I was new to logistics when I joined but it was all the more exciting because of that. And I can confidently say I have grown so much here and the journey has been great!

It was challenging in the beginning being a woman in a traditionally male-dominated field. There’s a stereotypical belief that “girls or women don’t belong to the supply chain industry,” even though women are extremely capable of doing this job. I make sure to always prove the doubters wrong. I motivate myself to do better everyday also because I always want to be better than I was yesterday. At Flipkart, I have people coming to me asking me for my counsel because they believe in my expertise.

I look forward to growing as much as I can in this career.

My mother was my biggest supporter and cheerleader. When I lost her to cancer, I lost my pillar of support. She taught me from early on that as a woman I must strive to be independent and not rely on a husband’s income. It was important to her and now I carry the same values with me.

Even with all the challenges, I keep myself grounded as much as I can. Sketching has always been a go-to stress-buster, as has sky-watching from my terrace. I have been doing that since my childhood.

With The Big Billion Days (BBD) sale on the horizon, things are going to get exciting at the hub! I joined the hub right before last year’s BBD. The festive energy at the hub is unmatched and everyone is on their toes trying to meet their goals. But, regardless of the frenzy, everyone hypes each other up. And it’s going to be the same this year too!

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