Lights, camera, fashion! Aditi Srivastava’s #OneInABillion story

Having grown up in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Aditi Srivastava saw the city evolve along with her tastes in fashion. A change in priorities led to a role in e-commerce, which she plans to leverage when she opens a fashion line of her own. Read on as she talks about her plans for the future, and her aim for the present in her #OneInABillion journey.

One In A Billion

I grew up here in Varanasi, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. My father is a doctor and my mother, a homemaker. I am a middle-child, with an older sister and a younger brother.

I grew up watching a lot of movies, and always admired the clothes that the actors wore on screen. I come from a conservative family, so it was not possible for me to dress like the actors themselves, but that ignited a passion in me, and I wanted to study fashion design.

However, when I was in the 12th standard and we had to make decisions about what to study further, all the conversations around me revolved around finding jobs – secure ones. It influenced me quite a bit and I began working as a tele-caller. I also got promoted there and worked as a counselor. But I began looking for a change in something more fast-paced and relevant.

I found out about a role in Flipkart through a friend, and began working just a little before the Big Billion Days in 2022. It is quite an action-packed time! The environment is so infectious, and some days we don’t even have space to keep our feet on the floor due to the number of orders. But it is also a very exciting time – everyone here is really supportive, and together, we get the job done.

I learnt a lot from my team members here, and have grown to the role of a Team Lead. It is quite a challenging role, with a lot of scope to evolve.

One In A Billion

Varanasi has also evolved so much as a city – I remember wanting to buy clothes I saw on screen when I was younger, and we didn’t always have access to them. Now, I am able to buy whatever I want online. My shopping is mostly fashion-related.

I aim to study fashion while I work, and start my own line. I would then only have to concentrate on the clothes themselves, since my current job has made me very adept at handling processes, people, and learning the back-end of the supply chain.

With my work, I also want to showcase that women in supply chain are a strong force, and we are capable of anything we set our hearts to. For now, I am all set for the action that the Big Billion Days bring!

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