#FlipkartXiaomiQuiz – How much do you know about the Flipkart-Xiaomi partnership?

Flipkart Stories Editorial
The partnership between Xiaomi & Flipkart has crossed many milestones and disrupted the smartphone and TV market in India more than once. Do you know all about this partnership and the products they’ve introduced to Indian shoppers? Read the following stories and play the #FlipkartXiaomiQuiz. 10 lucky winners will take home Flipkart gift vouchers worth ₹500 each. Let’s play!

#SOSNanjundaQuiz – Wishmaster safety innovation contest

Flipsters at work, but #PenguinDads first

Sophia Stephen
At work, they’re busy innovating for a billion Indian online shoppers. At home? They wake up as early as 5.30 am so they don’t miss a second with their kids, they rush home on time to help with homework, and to feed, bathe and get their little ones ready for bed. To them, the most precious moments are the ones spent with their sons and daughters. Here’s what drives the #PenguinDads of Flipkart.

With AI & ML, Flipkart is addressing the uniquely Indian problem of problem addresses

Bijoy Venugopal
Street addresses in India tell a story in themselves. Some are short, some are long, and some are detailed, and some are incomprehensible. A uniquely Indian problem, addresses pose a riddle to data scientists, and a frustrating, revenue-bleeding headache for businesses that rely on last-mile logistics. Flipkart’s data scientists have developed a machine learning model that not only makes sense of complex Indian addresses but also finds application in detecting and eliminating address fraud. Read all about another #AIForIndia solution that Flipkart pioneered

The idiot box just got smarter! Buy the Mi LED TV 4A series on sale #OnlyOnFlipkart

Flipkart Stories Editorial
Guaranteed to leave you amazed, the latest TVs from Xiaomi’s Mi LED TV 4A series can make other smart TVs go green with envy. With top-notch stereo speakers, a brilliant display with an upgraded graphics engine that reduces noise and blur, and smarter features that rely on AI, these TVs are a real treat. It’s time to get, set and be ready for the flash sale on March 16, which, if past is prologue, promises to be a knockout!

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State Of The UPI – All that glitters is not gold (a PhonePe blog repost)

UPI Transaction Volumes only tell half the story. A balanced scorecard of UPI should also include Total Transactions, Number of unique customers as well as the implied metrics of Average Transaction Value (ATV) and Average Transactions per Customer (ATPC). Neck to neck, here's how the PhonePe-Paytm numbers stack up.

7 things you must know about the PhonePe app from Flipkart

Coming soon – a 100-acre Flipkart Logistics Park near Bengaluru

Despite being the fastest growing major economy in the world, India’s logistics market is largely underserved. Flipkart, India’s homegrown e-commerce leader, steps in to address this need, answering to the Government of India’s Logistics Efficiency Enhancement Programme with a 100-acre Flipkart Logistics Park near Bengaluru. Read more

Vinoth Poovalingam, the Flipkart fresher who built eKart