Singing my truth with pride: Lovejeet Singh’s story

In the city of Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, a young transgender woman started to learn about herself and accept who she truly is. Following her heart and facing life head-on, Lovejeet Singh has created a better & stable life for herself and her loved ones, while also growing into her identity with pride. This is her story in her own words.


In a world where identity can feel like a battleground, I’ve walked a unique path as a transgender woman, facing struggles that shaped my journey from adversity to acceptance.

I am Lovejeet Singh. Growing up in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, life took an unexpected turn after completing my 12th. With my father’s passing, I became the sole provider for my family – my younger sister, brother, and mother. I had to pull up my socks and find ways to take care of my family as I was left with no choice.

In the backdrop of these external challenges, I was going through a different kind of struggle – one that has been on my mind for years – my identity. Even as a child in school, I was always perplexed by myself. I would look at others and tell myself ‘Why are others ‘normal’ while I feel so different?’

Hailing from a small town, I had no knowledge of different kinds of identities that exist in the world. It was only later when I started going outside of my town and learning more about people like me that I realized this is just who I am.

My father was a short-tempered man. So I wasn’t able to share my struggle with my family fearing retaliation. It was after his death that I decided to tell the rest of my family about my truth. Initially I was met with resistance. My identity caused rifts, but over time, understanding and support replaced judgment and fear. Today all of them truly support me, especially my mother. However, with relatives, it’s a different story.

As I was looking for a job, my friend, who is also a transgender woman, told me about doing Badai Mangna (the vocation of going to houses and blessing people for money, typically done by transgender persons in India) to make money. It was a cultural tradition that resonated with me, but it didn’t provide the stability my family needed.


Then, a glimmer of hope emerged when a friend introduced me to Flipkart. Joining as a Packer in May 2023, I moved to the Flipkart fulfillment center in Haryana. The move felt safe, and I quickly settled in because my colleagues were so welcoming. Here at Flipkart, I found not just a job but a community where harmony thrived. This was in stark contrast to the prejudice and hardships I’d faced before.

Yet, outside the safety of home or my new workplace, prejudice still rears its ugly head, reminding me that acceptance wasn’t universal.

Music became my refuge through all of this, especially singing. Sharing my passion on social media through my Instagram account, became an outlet for self-expression.

Through it all, the most profound realization was finding clarity in my identity. As far as I am concerned, we only live one life. To battle for one’s identity during this lifetime is just torture. I want to be who I am and just live my life accordingly.

Accepting myself as who I am brought a sense of liberation and confidence I’d never known before. Today, as I reflect on my journey, I find strength in the support of my family and the resilience I’ve built along the way. Though marriage may seem distant, nurturing my siblings fills me with purpose and joy. They are my children in every sense, and their happiness is my greatest reward.

In a world where acceptance can be hard-won, I’ve learned that the truest form of freedom comes from embracing oneself, unapologetically and without reservation. And in that realization, I’ve found my own peace amidst life’s uncertainties.

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