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LG G5 – The modular masterpiece

The first modular flagship smartphone to enter Indian shores, the LG G5 has certainly made a big bang entrance! We give you a download on the aspects that make the new phone way smarter than its peers, and explain why the G5 gives you a camera experience unlike any other.

LG G5 – The modular masterpiece

Upping the ante on its G5 flagship, LG has given us all the more reason to cheer. If you already have your finger on the pulse of the latest smartphone innovations to hit the world, the LG G5 needs no introduction.

The new smartphone from LG is the first commercial modular phone to ever appear in the market. What’s in it for you? This means that you can slide the battery from the bottom bezel and swap it with some clever accessories. And one of the cleverer ones is the Cam Plus, a smartphone camera unlike any other.  If you feel only DSLRs can get you the best clicks, it’s time to switch your tech game. The G5’s gen-next modular design along with the Cam Plus feature gives it one of the best photography capabilities in the segment.


Before we spill out the beans on the new smartphone by LG, you should also know that the LG G5 is the winner of the Best New Smartphone in the Mobile World Congress 2016. Want it already? We got it!


Get a quick look at some of the phone’s most unique features in this video:

The LG G5 is available on Flipkart for Rs. 52,990. We’ve done our research to tell you why the phone is something special, so read on to discover why the LG G5 stands out.


Dual rear cams and powerful front selfie snapper


With a dual-camera setup, the G5 has a 16 MP 78-degree lens complemented by a 135-degree wide-angle lens with 8MP sensor. This enables great panoramic shots without stressing out on the angles. For selfie addicts, the phone’s 8MP front camera is equally powerful. Other goodies include 4K, slow motion and time-lapse video recording features. What’s more?  You get more control over shutter speed, ISO and white balance in the LG G5’s manual shooting mode.


The new attachable Cam Plus feature


Converting your LG G5 into a digital camera is easy with the Cam Plus capability—a modular accessory that you’ll simply love. Giving you a better grip, it has physical buttons for adjusting everything from shutter speed, zoom, recording and power—helping one-handed fumble-free shoots. A extendable battery of 1,200mAh ensures extended phone life! LG will also introduce other modular accessories like the 360 VR and a Charging Cradle in the near future, so stay tuned!

Watch this video to know more about these accessories:


Pure aesthetic appeal


Making a stylish statement with its sleek, lightweight design and metal alloy body, the phone has a 3D arc glass design on top and curves in the just the right places. Its minimalist design continues all the way to the back, and comes in three premium colors—gold, silver and titan.


A hyper-powered heart 


The LG G5 runs on the latest Android 6.0 (out-of-the-box) Marshmallow and is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. Pumping at the core is 4 GBs of  RAM backed by the Andreno 530 GPU. With a 32 GB internal memory that’s expandable up to a whopping 2 TB, this device will not only carry the load with ease, but is also built for speed!


A display that’s second to none


With a 5.3 inch screen and a Quad HD display of 2560 X 1440 pixels and a pixel density of 554 ppi, the LG G5 is all about color, clarity and depth. The LG G5’s brightness can also go from 500 to 850 nits and its higher pixel density gives you a better and brighter view, no matter how sunny the outdoors is!


Power to bank on


Text endlessly, watch videos, play movies and chat to your heart’s content. With a 2,800mAh removable battery the LG G5 is built to last the whole day. The phone offers a Quick Charge 3.0 capability, ensuring you can zap-up the battery to its full, in less than an hour. The Low Power Location Estimation (LPLE) Technology in the smartphone also improves power saving and battery efficiency. For those who need some extra charge, the LG G5 offers a removable battery (something very rare in phones today) which can be replaced on the go with an extra pack.


Security and safety covered


A sleek fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone ensures that you lock out those who have no business snooping around and gives you added security. What we like is that the scanner that’s smoothly integrated with the rest of the phone design—keeping the slick and smooth tone of the device seamless.


Ultimate connectivity on the LG G5


If you want all your devices to connect with each other, talk to each other and live the ultimate IoT life, this is the phone for you. The LG G5 features a USB Type-C connector and supports 4G LTE with VoLTE and offers NFC along with a hybrid dual SIM capability.

So, are you excited? To learn more about the LG G5 and the cool set of accessories for the smartphone, click here.


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