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The award winning Lenovo Z2 Plus – Smart meets reliability


What makes the Lenovo Z2 Plus stand out in its mid-range segment? We share the top reasons why experts and reviewers give this smartphone a thumbs up.

The award winning Lenovo Z2 Plus – Smart meets reliability

If you have been hunting for a compact, rock-steady smartphone, then you have landed on the right page. The Lenovo Z2 Plus recently got launched on Flipkart, and there is a very good reason why this device draws a lot of attention. Integrating a comfortable 5-inch display, the Z2 Plus comes with the time-tested Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset and 4GB of RAM at its heart. The smartphone’s rollcage design stacks all the key components on a metal frame that is built for efficient thermal management. The result is a smartphone with great power, performance and design—balanced well with software that is slick and free from bloat. Sounds interesting? Then read ahead the to discover everything that makes this award-winning phone a true masterpiece.

Solid and serious, the Lenovo Z2 Plus is available on Flipkart at an affordable price of INR 14999 and with exchange offers up to 15000.

Launched in September 2016 , the Lenovo Z2 Plus offers the best capabilities in its price range, and it is no surprise to see the positive reviews and user feedback on the Internet.

Lenovo Z2 Plus

Want to know what makes the Lenovo Z2 Plus a worthy contender in the sub-20K smartphone category? We list the phone’s specs along with what reviewers and users are saying in the online arena.


Designed for convenience

Looking for a small and easy-to-handle premium smartphone? With its relatively slim profile and manageable weight of 149g, the Lenovo Z2 Plus is a good bet. The phone features a fiberglass shell that is crafted for superior strength and reception and offers a light, dual bevel design that holds the 12.7cm Full-HD display. What’s more? The magnesium alloy roll cage at the core of the smartphone gives it a sturdy personality.

Even Twitter user Sami Khan loves that the Lenovo Z2 Plus fits well in the hand:

Karthekayan Iyer of The Indian Express found himself very impressed by the phone’s one-handed operation. Read the full review here.

The Deccan Chronicle team likes that fibre glass frame makes the Lenovo Z2 Plus a sturdy phone for the long term. Read the full review here.


A sharp and slick camera

The primary camera on the Lenovo Z2 Plus is a 13MP shooter with f/2.2 aperture, phase detection autofocus, LED flash as well as EIS stabilisation. The camera and supporting software are designed to capture 4K recording, slow motion action and time-lapse videos. The Z2 also offers fantastic low-light performance and is capable of capturing stunning pictures even under dim settings. The front lens of this new Lenovo device houses an ample 8 MP camera with 1.4um pixels that is ideal for shooting wide-angle selfies with ease.

Twitter user Akhil Kocher has even shared a fabulous picture he’s clicked with his Lenovo Z2 Plus:

Sarthak Dogra of News18.com was taken by the phone’s camera quality. Here’s what he had to say.


Rock-solid performer

The Lenovo Z2 Plus is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor—used on many popular smartphones including the Xiaomi Mi 5 and LeEco Le Max 2. The powerful processor ensures that the Lenovo Z2 Plus takes next to minimal time to boot. The phone comes in two variants: 3GB/4GB of RAM and packs 32/64GB of internal storage. These specs ensure that your Lenovo Z2 Plus is super-fast and doesn’t hinder your work even when you use multiple tabs simultaneously.

Whether you want to play videos, songs or games on the phone, the Lenovo Z2 Plus can handle it all. Little surprise that Twitter user Libin Mathews calls it a blockbuster phone at a budget price:

Ketan Pratap of NDTV Gadgets 360° spent some time using the Lenovo Z2 Plus and came back impressed with its lag-free performance. Read the full review here.


A health-conscious handset

Another interesting feature of the Lenovo Z2 Plus is its fingerprint sensor and U-Touch control technology. The sensor enables users to secure the phone and access its quick launch feature, in a simple tap–and it does not matter if your finger is oily or wet.. Simply press the home button to perform different gestures such as opening recently used apps and so on. The Lenovo Z2 Plus also features a health app called U-health which can track and alert you about the number of steps taken, the distance travelled as well as the calories burned.

The device can also help keep you heart rate in check your heart rate after every run, track the number of steps you take, and keep track your fitness at all time. The Z2 plus also comes equipped with Ant+ sensors, SPU, and six professional mobile sensors, that are compatible with alternate fitness trackers and health check applications.

U-Touch also allows you to customise the home button, and Twitter user Dilip Sukumar had a great experience with this feature:

The Hindu team was mighty happy with U-health. Read the full review here.


A wonderfully vibrant display on the Lenovo Z2 Plus

Another strong point of the Lenovo Z2 Plus is its 5-inch Full HD screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The display is a joy to use for everything from gaming and multimedia to browsing the internet and reading. A powerful CPU and GPU at the backend will make sure that your experience your content with no drags or lags. And what powers the whole experience? The Lenovo Z2 comes with a powerful 3500mAh Li-Ion battery that supports your entertainment needs, all the way.

The phone’s vivid display has found admirers like Hardik Singh of Digit.in. Read the full review here.


Lenovo Z2 Plus


The Lenovo Z2 Plus is now available on Flipkart – Starting at INR 14999 along with exchange offers up to 15000. Buy it in your favorite color variants and be rest assured that your smart pocket companion will have everything under control.

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