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Kitchen hacks to save you time this festive season


Entertaining loads of house guests this festive season? These nifty kitchen appliances will save you time and energy and let you catch up on conversation

Kitchen hacks to save you time this festive season

Even today, tradition plays a big role in how we celebrate festivals. Not only are rituals an important part of any festival, but the unique food that goes along with them is also what adds another dimension of enjoyment to the celebration. Home cooked traditional food is integral to Diwali and though we all wish for a genie to do all the hard work for us, nothing can satisfy our desire for the best results except our own effort. This doesn’t mean that you have to slave over the stovetop to create dishes that your family and guests will relish. Take a look at these amazing gadgets that will conserve your time and energy and assist you in dishing out a splendid spread.


An electric chopper is a wonderful gadget to have in the kitchen. Cutting and chopping vegetables by hand does take considerable time and skill and is tiring too. Compare this with an electric chopper where, literally in seconds, the cutting and chopping is taken care of! Helping you tackle large quantities in a jiffy, some choppers even allow you to chop according to your specifications. The Glen Electric Chopper or the KitchenAid Electric Chopper are equipped with these features for a faster way to prepare your ingredients.

Dish out the rotis

Let’s face it: most Indian households cannot do without their daily dose of rotis and even the most enthusiastic home cook recoils at the thought of having to make dozens of these hot and fresh. If you’ve got a stack of rotis to make, you know that’s a minimum hour and a half spent in the kitchen. So cut down on some of the effort by investing in a good roti maker. Using it is easy and takes the rolling pin entirely out of the equation. Our pick is the Bajaj Vacco GO-EZZEE C-02 Roti Maker for the most convenience.

Leave rice to the experts

Imagine having to cook rice without constantly having to check its progress. Well, one gadget that does this, and more, is the rice cooker. It cooks rice to perfection and also helps it stay warm, which means you can strike reheating it off your list. Moreover, rice cookers like the Prestige PRWO 2.8-2 2.8 L Electric Rice Cooker with the Steaming Feature or the Panasonic SR-Y22FHS 2.2 L Electric Rice Cooker with Steaming Feature can also cook vegetable pulao, fried rice, porridge and can steam vegetables too.

A multi-tasker just like you

If you want cooking to be done in record time without much supervision, then a microwave oven is what you need. Apart from cooking very efficiently, it is also great for heating up cooked food. The timer feature ably assists in both cooking and re-heating. Even defrosting food can be taken care of while you wind up another task. Investing in a microwave convection oven also provides you with the option of roasting or grilling your food, like the IFB 23SC3 23 L Convection Microwave Oven or the LG MC2883SMP 28 L Convection Microwave Oven. Bring on the samosas, cakes and sabzi!

Fried food gets a makeover

An air fryer is a great appliance to have in the kitchen especially during the festive season, where a lot of deep-frying is on the charts. The air fryer is remarkable because it uses little or no oil, and cooks your food using hot air technology. There is absolutely no compromise on taste or texture of the food and once you turn on the timer, you can walk away without having to monitor the food or worry about cleaning messy oil splatters later on. The air fryer, in most cases, also bakes, roasts and grills, much like the Philips Air Fryer.

Now that you’ve got your kitchen help in place, what’s on the menu this Diwali?

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