#OneInABillion: Fulfilling wishes in the city of dreams

For Sajid Usmani, the festivities and the celebrations during The Big Billion Days are just like Eid. Armed with his infectious enthusiasm and big plans for the future, Sajid takes us through his journey — from his village to becoming a favorite with Flipkart customers on Mira Road, Mumbai.

Kirana Partner

From Mira Road, Mumbai, Flipkart Kirana partner Sajid Usmani’s #OneInABillion story. 

I am from Bijnor in UP. I did my SSC there and moved to Mumbai because I had to support my family. I would have studied more if not for this. I have two older brothers, who are both married, and my mother lives in my hometown.

Currently, I work as a Flipkart Kirana partner. This is how I am able to run my household, and do it well. I have been earning well with this program. I am married now, and I am able to spend time with my wife, while also taking care of my expenses.

My brother has a grocery store here in Mumbai. I used to deliver atta, rice and other groceries to our customers. It used to be difficult, because we had one store and we had to divide the income between our families.

That’s when I found out about the Flipkart Kirana program, and met my team leader Mr. Vinayak Jadhav. I had a conversation with him, he gave me all the details about the program and I mulled it over, and joined the program. I am so thankful to Vinayak Sir for giving me the right advice, and I am so happy! Having this additional income as a Kirana partner has worked out well for both my brother and me.

Kirana Partner

I wake up at around 6:30 am every morning, and reach the hub by 7 am. My parcels for the entire day are handed over to me, and it takes between 1.5-2 hours to sort them and set them all up. Depending on the number of packages I deliver, I decide if I should go home for lunch.

I chose to deliver in the Mira Road area of Mumbai. It is a long road, and around 70-80 of us deliver packages in this area everyday. Over 50% of my deliveries are to regular customers. As soon as I look at a package, I can identify if it is a regular customer. They are also very happy with me because I am able to guide them about the processes at Flipkart. When it comes to the new packages, I know the area really well, so it is easy for me.

We have a lot of festivals in India, but Eid is special for us Muslims. For me, The Big Billion Days is like Eid. I am excited just thinking about BBD. I am mentally preparing myself for the sale this year, so I am able to work really well, while also setting aside time for my family.

Every BBD, I used to update my WhatsApp status to tell people about the latest developments in the sale, and my friends used to ask me about it. I have told so many people about how they can save a lot of money. This year, people have already begun asking me if I have updates for them. I am waiting for it to begin fast! I tell them that Flipkart never cheats. Sometimes, people order from Facebook and Instagram when they see offers from handles that use a fake Flipkart logo. I tell them to be careful, and only order from the verified app.

I am looking forward to this year’s BBD, because every year I earn more during the sale. I live in a rented house in Mumbai, but I’ve managed to build a nice house back in my hometown. With the money I make from this BBD, I am looking forward to repaying some of the loan amount I have for my house.

Preparations are going on in full swing at the hub too. The facility is already very secure, and we have meetings every day to understand our responsibilities, and map out routes for better delivery, and we’re also being trained to speak to customers better. Our team leaders give us all the support we need.

Earlier, when I only delivered groceries for my brother’s store, I worked over 12 hours a day, but I didn’t have much. I had a broken phone, and didn’t even have a vehicle. Since I have started working as a Flipkart Kirana partner, I have 3-4 nice phones at home, I have a new bike with new technology, and I am getting a lot of benefits. I would like to thank Flipkart because I am able to live comfortably.

I also have a message for all the customers of Flipkart for BBD – Flipkart is really safe, and the return process is also easy. Shop well, and enjoy yourselves! Just like me – I have also been a Flipkart customer for the past 6 years – I buy things I like for myself, for the house, and also for my wife. Flipkart’s BBD is great for middle-class people like me – I am able to buy the things I want to.

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