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Madhu Karuthedath

Recouping from the 2015 Nepal-Bihar Earthquake – Honoring the human spirit

In the face of great turmoil, time and again humans have found the spirit to survive the odds and rise up from the rubble. In a world full of chaos, these stories always inspire us and restore our faith in humanity. We journey back to this day in 2015 when parts of Nepal and Bihar were shaken by a massive earthquake and see how the heartwarming support of the nation, the unyielding determination of people, and a small contribution by Flipkart and its partners have helped rebuild hope for the survivors of the quake.
Team Flipkart Stories

As Sachin Tendulkar turns 43, five books relive his career

We wouldn’t be surprised if you thought you already knew everything there was to know about Sachin Tendulkar. After all, his is a name that has been synonymous with cricket, patriotism, passion and success for more than two decades. But we’re sure there’s more you can discover about this cricket icon with these books that allow you to relive his journey and experience his milestones in a whole new way.
Sangeetha Deepak

William Shakespeare for the modern world

On April 23, we mark the 400th anniversary of the famed playwright, pre-eminent dramatist and England’s national poet—William Shakespeare’s death. In honor of his literary works, we explore a set of good reads inspired by Shakespeare, but more suited to modern audiences.