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Heads up, put on your Bluetooth hat


If your online life and entertainment are always top of mind, this nifty Bluetooth hat is sure to be the crowning glory

Heads up, put on your Bluetooth hat

What a brave new world it is, wrote Shakespeare in The Tempest, and these lines couldn’t be more apt in the 21st century where the possibilities of technology are endless. Innovators, developers and creators have banded together with venture capitalists and funders to give us creative technology that not only seamlessly blends in with our activities, but also have the potential to change the way we do things. Mammoth transformations to tiny inventions: here’s the time to celebrate them all and why not.

With the onset of winter, the product that got us all excited is the Bluetooth hat that takes your average beanie and spins it on its head—in the most wonderful way possible, of course. With a tiny LED screen attached to it, the Bluetooth hat isn’t much to look at—possibly something you’d miss if you crossed someone on road wearing it. However, here’s a look at why it deserves a double take.

These 5 pointers will tell you everything you need to know about the revolutionary hat.

#1 Essentially, the Bluetooth Hat, as the name suggests, lets you receive calls over wireless when paired with your cell phone.

#2 It has a built-in microphone and speakers, which means that you can also listen to your choice of music through it.

#3 The reason why we’re such big fans of the product, is because it is entirely wireless and 100% hands-free. This means that you can listen to music when you’re out on a run without worrying about the ear buds falling off or while you do multiple chores around the house.


bluetooth hat

#4 If you are wondering how to charge the device, ones like the Smiledrive Bluetooth Hat come powered with a Li-ion battery that you can easily charge using the USB cable that comes along with it.

#5 As far as cleaning the hat is concerned, variants such as the Mobilegear Bluetooth Hat enable you to remove the headphones and toss the hat in the laundry, just as you’d do with any other beanie.

Now isn’t that simple yet genius?

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