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Flipsters make it a Happier New Year

What does it take to turn someone’s Happy New Year into a Happier New Year? These Flipsters celebrated the people who are left out of the party. Happy 2016!

Flipsters make it a Happier New Year

What was your New Year like? Did you have fun? Did you spend it with people you love? Was it filled with warm wishes and special gifts? And the next day you got back to work to more back-slapping, more wishes, and another year.

A typical New Year’s celebration, right?

A bunch of people at Flipkart took a moment to think beyond the ordinary. They took it upon themselves to spare a thought for those who make our work and lives better and comfortable – the support staff at the office. These people are always there, they work around the clock (often thanklessly), and yet remain invisible. From the security guard to the person who serves lunch at the cafeteria, from the person who comes around with a tea trolley, to the person who cleans up after parties – their presence is often seen, always felt, but seldom acknowledged.

In 2016, these Flipsters decided to change that. Simply by extending the celebratory climate to include these people who are employed by various third-party vendor agencies to work at Flipkart all year round. Who witness the celebrations but never participate.

These Flipsters made their New Year special. They went around the Flipkart campus surprising the support staff with friendly gestures and a moment off from their schedules to crack jokes and smile along with them. The day ended with a surprise party, celebration and cake. Each one of them took home surprise gifts like steam irons, water purifiers, rice cookers and mixer-grinders.

What does it take to make someone’s New Year a happier New Year?

It takes heart. And a thought for those who make our lives better every day. To see their faces brighten up with smiles — that was the biggest reward.

Doesn’t 2016 feel awesome already?

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