Home Home Appliances Give the repairman time off with these handy home tools
Give the repairman time off with these handy home tools

Give the repairman time off with these handy home tools

Hammering nails, tightening screws or just fixing cranky old furniture, these DIY home tools can be your best buddies when it comes to quick home fixes.


Most homes need work once in a while and not every problem needs a repair guy. Give your repairman some time off by equipping yourself with the right home tools that can help fix your home. Loose chair-legs, faulty toasters, broken windowpanes can all be easily fixed with the right equipment and a little know-how. Here’s a list of must-have home tools that’ll make sure you’re ready to handle any small fix at home.

For a home interior fix


Drill: Whether it is to nail a cabinet to a wall, hang up a work of art or build a brand new set of shelves, this tool comes in handy for almost all your basic home improvement needs.


Crescent Wrench: An adjustable wrench lets you fix and tighten a range of nuts and bolts, whether it is the large ones underneath the sink or the smaller ones that screw into kitchen tables and chairs.

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For repairing those appliances


Utility Knife: There is always something around the house that will need precise cutting or scraping, and that’s when this simple tool becomes your best friend.


Pliers: Pliers are a home staple. Whether it is for fixing fidgety bits of metal or pulling them apart, pliers can be a life-saver when your appliances seem to be acting up and screaming for some routine maintenance.


Precision Screwdriver: Appliances are getting smaller everyday, and are pretty much immune to old-fashioned (read: normal) sized tools. This precision screwdriver is exactly what you need to get at those particularly finicky, miniscule new gadgets.

To give your furniture a new lease of life



Hammer: A hammer is one of the most basic tools for home repair, and is a must to have around the house. Make sure to choose one that is right for the kind of work that you’re doing.


Nail-gun: Forego the hours of sweating and hammering for a hand-held nail gun. Make bolting in large pieces of furniture simpler, faster and a whole lot easier on your back.


Standard Screwdriver: Appliances may be getting smaller and more intricate, but big, comfortable pieces of furniture are always going to go through everyday wear and tear. It is good to have a set of solid screwdrivers around the house to screw in a loose armrest or table leg.


Level: Whether you’re into Feng Shui, Vaastu Shaastra or simply particular about where things go, keeping a level handy when aligning furniture or building shelves and bookcases can help you make sure you’re not living in a topsy-turvy space!

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