In Gurugram, a small fabric retailer dreams big with Flipkart Wholesale

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A fabric retailer looking to get into the readymade clothing business, Lal Babu Dyar hopes that his new entrepreneurial venture gets a boost with Flipkart Wholesale. The Flipkart Group’s newly launched digital B2B platform connects the backbone of Indian retail — kiranas and small businesses — with suppliers and manufacturers. By helping small retailers overcome challenges such as limited credit, sparse selection, and high margin leakage, Flipkart Wholesale makes it easy for sellers like Lal Babu Dyar to dream big. Here’s his story, in his own words.


“I started my fabric business in Gurugram with Rs. 1,000 in my pocket,” says Lal Babu Dyar, speaking about his inspiring entrepreneurial journey. After tasting success as a retailer of fabrics and dress materials, he is now gearing up to venture into the world of readymade garments. It’s a stark contrast this time around, he says, than when he began his fabric business some years ago. Then, he had to work another job to save up, arrange for multiple sourcing options on the ground, and figure out complicated logistics by himself. This time, his venture into a new business has been a lot simpler — all with Flipkart Wholesale

Here is Lal Babu Dyar’s story, in his own words.


Tracing the journey: Becoming a proud fabric business owner

I hail from Bihar and I have studied only till Class 10. After working in the fabric dyeing industry, I opened my own store in Gurugram in 2017. However, when I started my shop I had just Rs.1,000 in my pocket and had to work part-time to put together more money. I am now 38 years old and my business goes by the name of LB Fabrics. I have rented space for the shop but I am happy with my business, as it is generating good income. 


Donning a new hat: Expanding business with Flipkart Wholesale

Although I run a fabric retail business, I want to venture into readymade garments. I decided to sign up on Flipkart Wholesale. I have already ordered a few T-shirts using the app. 

Using the app was easy and I received good guidance with the submission of documents too. This was the first time that I bought wholesale goods online. The delivery time was 3 to 4 days, whereas normally when I purchase from Delhi it takes a week for my orders to arrive. The shorter delivery time is a big benefit and customers will not have to wait for long now. 

The prices on Flipkart Wholesale are also good. And even if I want to return something, I have the option to do so easily. Since my fabric customers want better designs, I will also try Flipkart Wholesale to order fabrics that are in demand.

 I had 4 to 5 people working in the store, but these days during COVID-19, there are only 2 workers. We offer home delivery now so customers can even call and place orders. 

Flipkart Wholesale is a one-stop digital marketplace for kiranas, retailers, and small business owners like Lal Babu Dyar. It makes procurement easy, stock selection smarter, deliveries faster, and improves profit margins. On September 2, 2020, Flipkart Wholesale launched operations in Delhi, Gurugram, and Bengaluru. Onboarding is easy — the app is simple to use even for those unfamiliar with technology. 

With Flipkart Wholesale now by his side, Lal Babu Dyar is close to giving his fabric and material business fresh impetus. In fact, a quick delivery time and an easy return policy are two of the benefits of Flipkart Wholesale. Some other salient benefits are 15 days of credit, assurance of attractive margins, data-driven recommendations for stock selection, knowledge of area-wise demand, and access to a wide selection of products, quality checked by Flipkart. 

With Flipkart Wholesale, small business owners across India can dream big and grow their businesses easily and quickly in the country’s growing retail ecosystem. 

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