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The technophobe’s guide to buying headphones


No two headphones are alike. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the rather daunting choices you see on Flipkart.

The technophobe’s guide to buying headphones

No two sets of headphones are the same because no two headphones are bought for exactly the same use. We all have unique demands of our headphones although the basic use may be similar. We’re here to help you choose the  relevant pair for your purpose—one that will check out every type of requirement, no matter how mundane or unusual.

Lost in your world

As you head into the aircraft, the thought of the aircraft engine buzzing all along can be quite the turn off. No matter what your noise complaint, we have the answer. The Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headphones kill outside noise while keeping you entertained with pure music or your favorite audio book.

Do Not Disturb

Having one of those sleepless nights while your better half is sound asleep? The obvious entertainment is the television at odd hours of the night. For good sound quality with no sound leakage so everyone else is not disturbed, we recommend these wireless headsets that ensure you are entertained while the rest of the house snores away.

On the go

Want music but need to clear the clutter of wires? Bluetooth-enabled headphones ensure you are comfortable while enabling seamless connectivity among your phone, computer or gaming console.


Headphones help you to focus on the task at hand by cutting off unwanted noise at work. Choosing earphones that let in some outside noise will ensure that you can be found when required! These create the perfect balance.

Workout partners

Not a fan of the music at your gym? Carry your own music to the gym but ensure that your headphones are sweat proof for durability. If they’re good looking, they can be conversation starters with the right someone while making your workout more fun!

The games are just beginning

For gamers, perhaps the most important requirement is a good headset to cut off outside noise and ensure seclusion from the physical world. Here is one good option.

Playing local DJ

Going pro or thinking about it? Ensure you choose the right headset for your disk jockeying duties. Consider weight and comfort, bass and durability before you purchase the set that is right for you. Here is one that checks the right boxes.

Enjoy shopping on Flipkart

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