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Adventure has a new name: The latest GoPro HERO

The latest GoPro to hit the Indian market, the HERO Sports and Action Camera, enhances the rough and ready shutterbug experience that earlier models offer, with a budget-friendly price tag to boot. A camera that’s as game for action as you are, this one is built to be photo-ready even 33 feet under water and is activated simply by your voice! Read about the HERO’s sizeable specs before it goes on sale on April 2.

Adventure has a new name: The latest GoPro HERO

Voice-activated & photo-ready at 33 feet underwater — the latest GoPro HERO is game for action, 24/7. 

With the global adventure tourism market reaching a staggering $444,850 million in 2016, and adventure tourism being the highest-growing sector in Indian tourism, owning a camera capable of recording meaningful souvenirs of your adventure-filled vacation is imperative. That’s where GoPro, with its compact, mountable camera series, can transform your experience. Putting you at the center of the action with POV videos and shots that were, until recently, impossible to imagine, its cameras have seen immense success in India. After all, GoPro’s 150–200% annual growth in India is way above its 37% growth globally.

To amplify and broaden the experience of capturing the rush of real life experiences, the HERO is back again in a new avatar: the HERO Action and Sports Camera, a reliable companion for all your adventure stories. This compact little camera prides itself on being able to capture moments that the smartest of smartphones struggle to do justice to. With stunning 10 MP photos as well as full HD 1440p and 1080p videos, and features like Auto offload, it makes taking and sharing photos so much more rewarding.

Get ready for pre-orders starting from March 30 and the sale starting from April 2 on Flipkart!

Here’s why the GoPro HERO should be the first thing you put in your backpack before you travel.

Have both hands free to paraglide, raft or swing


Alongside a nifty 2-inch touchscreen that makes it easy to frame and view the perfect shot, the HERO amplifies convenience with its hands-free feature. You can start recording with a simple voice command, saying “GoPro start recording”, and take videos even when your hands are occupied holding on to a zip line for dear life!

Eliminating the hassle of manual operation, the HERO allows you to use various voice commands to take a photo, stop recording, click a burst of photos, start and stop time lapse videos, change from video mode to photo mode and even turn off the camera. Now, you can enjoy every bit of your rafting or paragliding experience without twisting and turning to capture it.

Never lose moments that matter 


The HERO’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity features allow you to automatically upload your videos and clicks via the GoPro app on your phone. Instant uploads give you the freedom to share your adrenaline-rush with family and friends without wasting a moment!

Subscribing to the GoPro Plus makes automatic backup easier than ever, allowing storage of unlimited photos. In addition, you can upload and store up to 35 hours of video on cloud.

Be the HERO of your story


Waterproof and durable, this GoPro HERO camera allows you to capture all the thrills, whether you’re sailing, surfing or diving. With its ability to work perfectly even immersed 33 feet in water, it goes where your smartphone simply can’t. What’s more, its QuikStories feature enhances your favorite memories by taking your photos and footage and transforming them into well-edited videos with amazing effects, music and text — all customizable too! Now sharing your story on Instagram or WhatsApp just got easier and faster.

Get ready to GoPro HERO!


So, whether you’re packing your wetsuit or your climbing harness, your adventure gear simply isn’t complete without the GoPro Hero Sports and Action Camera. Buy it on Flipkart with pre-orders starting March 30.

Want to see the latest GoPro HERO camera in action? Watch the video below:

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