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How GoPro takes action photography to the next level

If you lead a life of adventure and you have not yet got yourself a GoPro, here’s what you’re missing!

How GoPro takes action photography to the next level

Founded out of necessity, GoPro is the brainchild of Nick Woodman who discovered that he was unable to get good shots of himself while surfing in Australia in 2002. In a bid to create something that could closely capture good quality extreme action shots that didn’t burn a hole in the pocket, Woodman raised money and founded his company. In 2004, GoPro introduced its first camera using a 35 mm film. Since then, GoPro technology has grown leaps and bounds, and soon the company made headlines for its advanced camera that recorded HD videos at an affordable price. Innovative technology became key so much so that with the correct positioning of two or more GoPro wide angled cameras, users can also record 3D videos!

So whether you’re on the bandwagon or considering your choices, you should know the 15 cool ways in which GoPro has changed the way the world takes action photos.

  1. By making their cameras waterproof and shockproof, their equipment can rough it out right alongside you without sustaining any damage.
  2. By pricing their products within reach of amateur photographers and adventure junkies enabling them to record professional quality videos without paying outrageous sums of money.
  3. By introducing flexible and easy-to-use mounting accessories such as the Suction Cup, the Chest Harness, a 3-Way Mount and the Surfing Mount for their cameras, making it easier to wear and capture action shots and videos without missing any footage.
  4. By offering convenient and simple video editing software, GoPro Studio, enabling users to create the perfect video devoid of unwanted footage.
  5. By permitting the rotation of the camera lens through a Bluetooth connecting to another device such as your phone for remote control.
  6. By encouraging beginners to join the action photography movement through their channel, which features content shot using GoPro equipment on YouTube, Virgin America and Xbox Live.
  7. By enabling their cameras to record in 16:9 aspect ratio, making it easier to view videos on televisions and mobile phones.
  8. By enabling their cameras to shoot videos in 4K resolution ensuring better picture quality as the world embraces 4K.
  9. By enabling pictures to be recorded at up to 12MP, giving die-hards no-fuzz images when enlarged.
  10. By facilitating easy sharing of pictures and videos through inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.
  11. By making the much more expensive SLR cameras seem redundant in comparison to the smaller, more capable GoPro Hero Series cameras.
  12. By ensuring you don’t miss the perfect shot by enabling the cameras to shoot as many as 30 images with 12 MP clarity in 60 seconds.
  13. By enabling every event to be captured live with wearable cameras without the need for an additional cameraman, friend or fellow adventurer.
  14. By keeping the camera size small, making it easy to carry both when in use and tucked away.
  15. By creating the perfect DIY device and making their cameras full potential easy to exploit without any formal training!
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