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6 must-have accessories for the GoPro ninja

Stop drooling. These must-have GoPro accessories are designed to enhance your action photography experience

6 must-have accessories for the GoPro ninja

GoPros are innovatively designed and inexpensively priced pocket-sized cameras that you can wear or mount on a host of different objects to shoot live action videos and capture still photographs. If you’re a biking, surfing, skiing or snorkeling enthusiast, you’ve surely heard of these cameras and probably even own one. To enrich your photography experience and make it even easier for you to use the GoPro, here are six accessories that will make all the difference.

A strap holder

This accessory is more of a harness for your GoPro camera and one worth investing in. Whether you are making a short film, want to capture your descent as you ski or go on a roller coaster ride, simply wear this harness that locks in the camera on your forehead.  A sturdy, affordable option is the GoPro ACHOM-001 Strap. You can also look for options that harness the camera at your chest level, such as the GoPro ACHMJ-301 Strap (a more stable option for children). 


A bendable jaw clamp

If your filmography style is more avant-garde, you’re going to want to look for quirky camera angles. In such situations, and for times when you aren’t sure of what material you’re going to have to work with, a jaw clamp, with a bendable arm is perfect. The larger the clamp, the more versatile it becomes. The Smiledrive Bendable Neck Jaw Clamp Camera Mount has a clamp that allows you mount the GoPro on a table or even a tree!


A suction mount 

If you want to capture your drive, bike ride or kayaking experience, you need a suction mount that won’t get easily dislodged. The Tuzech Wall Suction Camera Mount makes for a good option as it has three suction cups and a mechanism so strong that it claims to be suitable to be mounted on airplanes too!


A silicone cover

Apart from cushioning a fall, a silicone cover enhances your GoPro experience multi-fold. It gives you scratch resistance, reduces the impact of jitters on your photos and videos and also helps give you a better grip at times when you’re not using a mount for your GoPro. Our recommendation is the Gopro Silicone Case for Hero3, 3+ Camera Bag.


A car charger

If you’re always road-tripping or are planning to go on leisurely holiday, it is really handy to have a car charger that is compatible with your GoPro as it ensures that you are never left in a lurch with a drained battery. Perfect for someone who’s always on the go, the GoPro ACARC-001 Car Charger gets our vote.


A tripod

For steady videos, invest in a simple tripod such as the Smiledrive 105 Cm Long Gopro – Super Light Tripod Kit. If you want to shoot time-lapse videos, working without a tripod is next to impossible and investing in a light, collapsible model is the easiest way to give your videos and photographs a professional look and feel.

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