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Single, Married, or Complicated? A furniture buying guide

No matter what stage you’re at in your life, here is a furniture buying guide most suitable to your Facebook status

Single, Married, or Complicated? A furniture buying guide

What does your relationship status have to do with what kind of furniture you buy? A lot. Here’s a nifty furniture buying guide for you, whether your Facebook status says single, married or it’s complicated.

For the bachelor or bachelorette — or the itinerant nomad

Whether this is your first job and you are moving into your own little apartment or you are a student who has moved away from home the first time or you simply like to pack and go where fancy takes you, as you work towards creating a niche for yourself, pay a little attention to making a home space that both inspires you and suits you to a T.

The most comfortable and the most portable must-have for a bachelor, bachelorette or nomad is a bean bag, so make sure to get one of those in catchy colors that speak to you. If a solid wooden desk and a chair are not on the cards right now, you need a portable laptop table so you can work and play comfortably at home. Since both space and ka-ching are in short supply, make yourself comfortable on an inflatable sofa that can also double up as a bed. Use an air pump (included in most buys on Flipkart) to inflate it and get the party started by inviting your friends for drinks and giving them some place to sleep it off too!

We also believe that a collapsible wardrobe is also going to be your best friend, so find one that is large enough to fit in all your clothes and accessories too. Look for portable, dust-proof and moisture-proof designs in fun colors that will suit your lifestyle. Up your ante with a leatherette recliner if you are a TV buff or a 24/7 PlayStation addict. Further liven up your space by throwing in an area rug in a funky design and add myriad cushions in pop colors for added pizzazz!

Our home expert recommends:

A comfy bean bag (also check out our guide to selecting your perfect bean bag)

A portable laptop table

A 3-seater sofa (also check out our guide to selecting your perfect sofa)

A steel wardrobe

A leather recliner (also check out our guide to selecting your perfect recliner)

A throw rug


For the newly-married couple

If you’ve just tied the knot and are excited to start your life together, the first thing you’re going to do is spend some time and a little money to create the perfect nest. The first thing you are going to want to get is a comfortable bed for all the fun and games—and for when you are tired too! A double-door wardrobe is our next most recommended furniture buy to keep you from having those little tussles about his space, her space and my space.

A great investment is a two-seater sofa where you can snuggle up and watch TV together and get a multicolored footstool or ottoman for the ultimate comfort. Your living room will be incomplete without a hip coffee table for your magazines, plates of snacks or mugs—or even to prop up your feet on those really tiring evenings. Get one with sections or drawers so that your coffee table also doubles up as a storage area.

Whether you have planned a quiet romantic night for two or are poised to entertain your closest friends, invest in a nice bar trolley, which can hold all your bottles and glasses.

Check out our expert picks:

A king-size bed

A wardrobe

A bar trolley

A coffee table

A 2-seater sofa (also check out our guide to selecting your perfect sofa)

An ottoman


For families

They say that family is like music—there are some high notes, some low notes, but it’s always a beautiful song. Make sure that your home is always the base note, and get some appropriate family-friendly furniture to keep the melody eternal.

Love may keep the family together, but a TV entertainment system doesn’t hurt either! Invest in a good entertainment unit, which not only fits your TV, but can also store the music system and related paraphernalia. Increase your storage space by adding a chest of drawers in the foyer or living room to keep all those family knickknacks organized— until the search for your child’s missing class project messes it all up again!

Get your children a playful desk and chair, so that they can study in peace and also indulge in other creative pursuits. Pick a colorful set embellished with your child’s favorite cartoon character and see them take to it like fish to water!

While your child keeps busy, keep the adults entertained on a sofa that can accommodate them all. Pick a 3-seater sofa piece and a matching set of single seaters or even an L-shaped sofa set that makes more of your space. Enlarge your home’s seating with a nice diwan and bolsters whose covers you can change according to the occasion: be it using a silk embroidered diwan cover for Diwali or a lively floral design for spring!

Check out some of our picks here:

An entertainment unit

A dining set 

A desk chair 

A chest of drawers

A 6-seater sectional sofa

A divan 


Should your relationship status change, you know where to come back for tips. So bookmark this furniture buying guide.

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