#Frontrunner17 – Rahul Dravid unveils Flipkart’s 10-year celebrations

Rahul Dravid, aka The Wall, will pick 10 winners who get to beat him at his own game! And more snippets from Flipkart's sports day - Frontrunner 2017

rahul dravid

#Frontrunner17 is the hashtag for Flipkart’s own sports day. The Month of Sport that began in February saw a rush of entries for the internal fixtures. Athletes of all stripes emerged from the shadows, limbered up and flexed muscles. Fitness and sports are big among Flipsters, who embody the Flipkart value of audacity. From table tennis and archery to track and field events, Frontrunner 2017 had packed a lot of action. But the coup de grace is scheduled for the afternoon of Friday, March 3, when Rahul Dravid, aka The Wall, will be there in person to encourage Flipsters and award the victorious athletes.

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