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#FlipkartDoGoodQuiz – Listen, play & win

#FlipkartDoGoodQuiz – Listen, play & win

Listen to three riveting podcasts, learn how you can make a difference & play. It’s a win-win!


India is a fast-developing country, but a large chunk of its population still suffers from poverty. How do we, as citizens, join hands in alleviating poverty and the social evils that take root from it? Catch Madan Padaki, Leena Kejriwal and Mahantesh G K as they talk about the importance of active involvement in working towards a social cause and the power of the individual in helping those in need.

Listen to these podcasts to learn how you can play your part in making India better and play the #FlipkartDoGoodQuiz! 10 lucky winners will take home Flipkart gift vouchers worth ₹500 each. Let’s play!

Listen to these podcasts for clues.

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