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Play Flipkart Snakes and Ladders game, win big during Big Shopping Days

Flipkart Snakes and Ladders game brings to you the opportunity to play and win some amazing deals much ahead of the Big Shopping Days. Just update your Flipkart mobile app to the latest version, roll the dice starting the 20th of May, 2016 and get a chance to unlock some fantastic offers that can be redeemed between the 25th and 27th of May, 2016. Here’s everything you need to know about the game.

Play Flipkart Snakes and Ladders game, win big during Big Shopping Days

Have you heard about the Flipkart Snakes and Ladders game? Did you know that you can play and win big before the Flipkart Big Shopping Days? No? Then read on.

Flipkart’s Big Shopping Days are just around the corner and you must be getting ready with that much awaited shopping list. The 3-day mega sale, running between the 25th and 27th of May, 2016, will give shoppers access to leading original brands and new-to-market products at unbelievable prices. If you’ve not heard of the Flipkart Big Shopping Days yet, watch this video:

With anticipation brewing and dates closing in quickly, Flipkart decided to give shoppers something special to make your wait for Big Shopping Days worth the time. Flipkart brings to you the first-of-its-kind Snakes and Ladders pre-sale game — your chance to win grand offers even before the launch of the Big Shopping Days. Winners get to redeem their rewards during the Big Shopping Days.


Flipkart Snakes

Roll the dice, play the game and get a chance to win deals worth crores of rupees. Curious to know more? Here’s all about it.


Getting started with the Flipkart Snakes and Ladders game

The Flipkart Snakes and Ladders game will be live from the 20th of May 2016, and is available on the latest version of the Flipkart mobile app. If you are thinking where to start playing this game, it’s simple. Just follow the below instructions as a first step to prepare for the pre-sale game and read ahead to know what you stand to win.

Accessing the Snakes and Ladders game

If you are a new shopper on Flipkart, visit your device’s app store and download the latest version of the Flipkart mobile app. If you are an existing shopper on Flipkart, just update to the latest version of the Flipkart mobile app. The game can be accessed via smartphones running on all Android, Windows and iOS platforms.


Flipkart Snakes

From Full-HD, 55 inch Vu televisions, Malabar Gold coins and over 1000 Lavie bags, to a chance to win Flipkart gift vouchers worth up to 1 crore, there are over 100 surprises waiting for your behind the cubes in the Flipkart Snakes and Ladders game. And what’s more, there are new rewards waiting for you every day! Read ahead to learn how the game can be played.  

How to Play the Flipkart Snakes and Ladders game

To start with, make sure you use a high speed internet service or access a high connectivity Wi-Fi hotspot before playing the online mobile game.  Once you have installed the latest version of the Flipkart mobile app on your device, you are all set to play the Snakes and Ladders game. Here’s how you can go about it.


Flipkart Snakes

  1. Open the Flipkart mobile app (latest version). Click on the Big Shopping Days – Snakes and Ladders game banner on the landing screen and you are all set to play
  2. Enter your phone number to start playing the game
  3. Click on the dice to roll and try to land on one of the reward squares
  4. If you win a reward, you can claim it during Flipkart’s Big Shopping Days
  5. Information about each reward will be sent via an in-app notification to users and can be accessed from ‘Game Rewards’ in My Account

More chance to win more from the Snakes and Ladders game

Used all your chances but still want to give it another shot? Do one or all of the following to earn a chance. New lives will only get active after 2-3 minutes of performing the below action:


Flipkart Snakes

  1. Share the app with a friend
  2. Post a review on a product that you bought and liked
  3. Activate your Flipkart Wallet
  4. Top up your Flipkart Wallet

Remember, users require at least one life to play one round of the game and there are 3 chances per user every hour. Keep in mind that each game is time sensitive. Once the user runs out of play time, the lives and game gets reset.

How and what you can win

Users can win prizes by landing on the right reward cubes in the game. The reward blocks and prizes change in every game play. Once you land on the right cube, you win the prize and it is added to your rewards list. Users need not complete the entire game or use the entire set of lives to retain the prize.


Flipkart Snakes

There are over 100 prizes waiting to be won in the Flipkart Snakes and Ladders game. The visible prizes are the ones you see on the game screen and then there are surprise rewards for landing on hidden, lucky cubes.

All the discounts and rewards will be credited to the user’s account and can only be claimed between the 25th of May and 27th of May 2016, during the Flipkart Big Shopping Days sale.

So get set and install or update your Flipkart app on the mobile for playing the Snakes and Ladders game and get set to win grand rewards starting on the 20th of May, 2016.

Enjoy shopping on Flipkart

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