Shine bright like a diamond: Flipkart seller Kamlesh Seladiya’s success story, 25 years in the making

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For Flipkart Sellers like Kamlesh Seladiya, events like The Big Billion Days sale are an opportunity to make the most of e-commerce on Flipkart, and its unrestricted reach to every corner of the nation. Read to know how he got started, took his business online, and is now on the path to success in the online arena.

Big Billion Days

Like many others before him, Kamlesh Seladiya saw opportunity and potential in Flipkart and its flagship events like The Big Billion Days sale. With nearly 25 years of experience in the offline jewelry business, Kamlesh’s shift to the online marketplace was easy with Flipkart.

Over the years, Flipkart has actively worked to empower seller communities, no matter the industry they operate in. For Flipkart Seller Kamlesh Seladiya and his enterprise Dharam Jewels, the platform  raised the ceiling on growth.

“Doing something new is always exciting and boosts your self-confidence. After all, you get results based on the work you put in. I realized this truth from the moment I joined Flipkart back in 2019. I attribute my success and my journey to Flipkart, a platform that gave my hard work and skills an opportunity to progress.”

Today, Dharam Jewels has grown steadily in the online market, attracting customers across PIN codes. Kamlesh has already built a reliable customer base in South India and looks forward to enlarging his business footprint. With The Big Billion Days 2022 on the horizon, he is setting his sights on new targets, and looking forward to growing his business during the festive season.

Leaving No Rock Unturned

Before he got into the imitation jewelry market, Kamlesh Seladiya worked in the diamond industry. He then pivoted to the imitation game, manufacturing beautiful products ranging from necklaces to chains. Thinking back fondly to why he shifted lanes, Kamlesh says “It was my affinity for the trade, and the fact that there is a lot of scope in this line of work. I was a diamond businessman and trader. I started out about 25 years ago, and the job was not easy. I handled manufacturing, and some of my work had me dealing with sellers and wholesale businesses, who then pushed the product out to market.”

Gathering a wealth of experience during this time, Kamlesh got first-hand knowledge on market trends. Realizing that this was where true opportunity lay, he decided that it was time to deal with the customer directly. Kamlesh’s decision came right as the COVID-19 pandemic struck and began slowing down commerce.

“I thought to myself, if my vendors can sell my products online, why can’t I? That’s why I decided to get into retail and chose Flipkart as the platform to take Dharam Jewels online. I joined Flipkart in 2019 and thought this was the right decision because everyone knew the Flipkart name – even children!”

With his wife to aid in his plans and their execution, Kamlesh Seladiya knew this was the right decision. He had the manufacturing in place, the opportunity in hand, and all that was left was getting started. Some help from Flipkart and a few loved ones were all he needed to get the ball rolling.

Support At Every Step


big billion days

While Kamlesh and his wife are now adept at managing the online presence of Dharam Jewels, they needed help to get started. This is where a relative stepped in, guiding and assisting the couple in setting up their Flipkart account. Onboarding came next, and this was a smooth experience.

“Onboarding was quite easy as my Flipkart Account Manager helped with everything. They had answers for all my questions, and helped make the transition simple,” reveals Kamlesh.

With everything in place, Kamlesh took his business online – but not everything went as expected. The first few months were slow, and he recalls receiving single-digit orders a day. Now, he receives about 100 to 125 orders daily, and has a monthly revenue of about Rs. 15 lakh.

“When I first started on Flipkart, I had a handful of products to offer. As time passed, we added to the catalog, and we now have around 1,200 products for sale. Naturally, our sales numbers grew too! Like I always say, you get the results you work for, and the plan is to grow the business as much as I can. I’m willing to do the hard work for it. Flipkart understood this mission and has been a key part in making my success possible at every step.”

Now a #SellfMade businessman, Kamlesh has shifted his focus to online retail, while his wife handles the manufacturing aspect of their enterprise. Together, they work hard and show the utmost care for the products they offer to ensure customers stay happy.

Kamlesh eagerly awaits The Big Billion Days sale as he’s noticed an uptick of 40% during the flagship event. Hopeful for a season that gets him closer to his goals, Kamlesh Seladiya is an inspiring Flipkart seller for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make the leap into the online sphere.

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