Homegrown Happiness: How a Flipkart Seller’s small business empowers rural artisans

Nilima Shaw left her job in Hyderabad to raise her newborn daughter. However, she soon felt the urge to start something of her own. With Flipkart by her side, she set up an independent business right from home. Today, she’s a successful entrepreneur, offering livelihood opportunities to rural artisans, and building something for her daughter to be proud of. Read her story.


On one hand, the City of Pearls, Hyderabad, is renowned for its jewelry, be it its historically significant Golconda diamonds or the exquisite bangles from Lad Bazaar that attract one and all even today. On the other, it is a booming IT and startup hub with offices ensconced in towering skyscrapers.

This city of contrasts and rich cultural heritage became home for Nilima Shaw from 2009 onwards, when she first stepped into the city to complete her MBA. Soon after, marriage and motherhood followed, and Nilima made a choice. “I wanted to give my daughter more time and prioritize her needs. So, I left my job. Today, Flipkart has given me time to be with my child, and at the same time, build a successful business.”

Read to know how she built a brand of her own around her passion for artificial jewelry, joining lakhs of entrepreneurs from Hyderabad who harness e-commerce for growth.

Banking on passion

When her job as an HR consultant with a corporate firm in Hyderabad came in the way of caring for her daughter, Nilima made the decision to leave. But soon, the yearning to do something more arose again. Not finding satisfaction in any work-from-home positions, Nilima suddenly found inspiration.

“I had a huge collection of artificial jewelry and was really passionate about it and that’s when my husband gave me the idea to sell on Flipkart. I learnt that the jewelry business is growing in India and is a huge market. So, in 2018, with mere savings of Rs.8,000, I started my business,” she says.

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The Big Billion Days effect

Though new to online retail, Nilima was a fast learner. “With Flipkart’s support, I learnt how to list products on the platform. And soon, I received my first order. I still remember the feeling,” she says.

Her brand, Nilu’s Collection, offers a mix of modern and traditional designs, and more importantly, procures handmade products from artisans all across India. “If you are buying from Nilu’s Collection, it is a motivation for me, but more importantly, for rural artisans who create them.”

At first, orders trickled in slowly once or twice a week. “But when I participated in The Big Billion Days, I began to receive a hundred orders a day during every day of the sale. It was a turning point, and today, I get around 250 orders a day!”

“I am thankful to Flipkart for the kind of market visibility and platform it has given me. I wanted to make a mark, and Flipkart is helping me fulfill my dream at a national level.”

An inspiration for her daughter

With her husband and family’s support, her business has taken off, but for Nilima, success holds a special meaning.

“In India, women are so often discouraged from getting into business on their own. But I am trying to set a different precedent for my daughter. My hope is that seeing her mother work hard and manage several tasks together will inspire her to realize that women are born to lead. And if I can do that, I will have done my duty as a mother.”

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