Our customers say it with flowers: Flipkart’s same-day flower delivery service sets hearts aflutter

It’s been just over a month since the launch of Flipkart’s flower delivery service, but it has already helped bonds blossom across India. Hear from customers who used this service on Valentine’s Day and beyond, enjoying the convenience, speed and variety it offers.

Flipkart's flower delivery service

The language of flowers is universal, bridging all gaps and laying emotions bare with fresh, fragrant blooms. Helping customers across India say it with flowers more easily than ever before, Flipkart’s flower delivery service is all set to revolutionize the market.

With same-day delivery in more than 450 PIN codes across India, Flipkart’s flower delivery service doesn’t compromise on speed and accessibility. It doesn’t skimp on choices either, allowing customers to choose from evergreen roses to other rare flowers like orchids.

Enhanced by its strong logistics network and affordable pricing that starts at just Rs. 249, this facility helps customers not only deliver a fragrant surprise to their loved ones but also create everlasting memories. Ever since its launch a week before Valentine’s Day, Flipkart’s flower delivery service has garnered immense appreciation. Here’s what customers have to say.

Anand Pandey’s Heartwarming Gesture

Flipkart's flower delivery service

In a world often clouded by hustle and bustle, where gestures of genuine kindness can seem rare, stories like that of Anand Pandey‘s heartwarming surprise for his friend serve as reminders of the beauty of friendship and the power of thoughtful gestures. Anand’s journey to brighten his friend’s day began with a simple order of flowers on Flipkart.

“I found out about Flipkart’s flower delivery service while browsing the site for flowers. I decided to order some for my friend for Valentine’s Day,” says Anand.

Anand had a fantastic experience. “The flowers were fresh, and I’ve already given them to the person I intended to,” he remarks. Despite not being a frequent buyer of gifts and flowers, Anand was drawn to Flipkart for this special occasion. “Placing the order was straightforward, just like any other order on Flipkart,” he explains, highlighting the convenience of the process.

Khushi Singh Gets A Floral Surprise

It was just a normal day when the doorbell rang, and when Khushi went to answer it, the world suddenly seemed like a brighter, happier place. There are some moments that stay with us forever, and there’s nothing more special than getting flowers for the first time. And when it’s a surprise, it can change a routine day into one that stays etched in our memory.

What Khushi had received was a single flower sent by a friend using Flipkart’s flower delivery service. “It was memorable for me because it was the first time I received flowers ever, and it was a total surprise,” she says.

Diwakar Jha Allows Flowers To Do The Talking

Flipkart's flower delivery service

With a wide selection of flowers and timely delivery, making someone’s day is just a click away. That’s exactly what Diwakar wanted to do when he got to know about Flipkart’s flower delivery service while scrolling the website. Without wasting any time, Diwakar placed his order and sat back.

“I wanted to order some flowers for my friend, and it was really simple to do on Flipkart,” he says. Choosing a convenient time from the four delivery slots offered by the online service, Diwakar was able to make his friend’s day extra special. “What I liked was the delivery speed and freshness,” he remarks.

Samridh Singh Prithvi Listens To His Heart On Rose Day

Big gestures that show what’s in our heart is not everyone’s cup of tea, and Samridh is not one who is big on showering his better half with gifts or flowers. But when this Rose Day came around, Samridh was surprised to find himself wanting to do something to show his love.

Going the classic route felt like the best way and Samridh found a seamless way to do it with Flipkart’s flower delivery service. When he searched for fresh flowers on Flipkart and saw that it was indeed possible to get them delivered, he knew it was meant to be. “My wife would be the best person to share her experience but what I can say is that the flowers were packaged well and looked fresh.”

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