Flipkart loves diversity. Diversity loves Flipkart!

The different, the diverse and the dreamers. These Flipsters bring their whole self to work. This is diversity at Flipkart

Diversity is more than a corporate shibboleth at Flipkart and far more than an obligatory bullet point on a hiring ad. Diversity is ingrained in the core of our DNA. Flipsters are not made of the usual stuff; they are multifaceted multi-taskers with depth and dimension.

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They say it takes all kinds to make a world. The same is true of the world of Flipkart. Flipsters, who make up Flipkart’s world, are not merely people of different backgrounds and cultures. We are made of people of extraordinary talents and unique passions, people who have interesting stories to tell and who lead exceptional lives beyond the workspace.


There’s more to being Flipsters than just being engineers, managers, coders, writers or designers. And it’s time you knew these exceptional people better.

Harindran W S, training guru, is also a maestro of the two-stroke Jew’s harp. Vinayak Joshi, theatre artiste and National Award winner, lives out the rest of his life as a media maverick with Flipkart. Organizational jedi Namrata Saigal finds her true self in colours and leads a double life as a mixed media artist. For Anshul Saxena, zen lies in the art of motorcycle maintenance. This Raid de Himalaya 2010 champ is an efficiency evangelist at Flipkart. And then there’s Ruben Sharma, whose mark is ever fixed on a target. This national-level shooter perhaps has a job true to his nature. At Flipkart, he is a scrutiny specialist.


And these are just a handful of the multifaceted people that make Flipkart. With over 40,000 Flipsters, imagine how much more diverse is the world of Flipkart.

If you can bring your individuality, your own flavour of magic, to the table, why hold back? Which is why we say at Flipkart: “Bring your whole self to work.”

Watch the video, share and spread the word. We love diversity, and diversity loves Flipkart.

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