Flipkart Gift Cards ― Bringing e-commerce closer to Indian shoppers: Q&A with Dheeraj Aneja

If you would like your loved ones to buy something memorable for themselves, you would give them a Flipkart Gift Card. If you have played the many Flipkart contests, you might have even won a Flipkart Gift Card. Now, Flipkart is all set to make this coveted platform currency accessible to offline shoppers. In this Q&A, Dheeraj Aneja, Senior Vice President - Fintech & Payments Group at Flipkart, shares insight into the vision behind making the Flipkart Gift Card network inclusive to offline shoppers.

Flipkart Gift Cards

Launched in 2012, Flipkart Gift Cards were made available to online shoppers for purchase through the marketplace in 2013. Today, the Flipkart Gift Card network boasts more than one lakh listings for various occasions and gifting options offered by more than 100 brands. In July 2022, Flipkart Gift Cards evolved to allow more flexibility for our customers, enabling them to choose custom denominations between ₹25 to ₹10,000.

With the vision of empowering offline shoppers to transition into online shoppers, the Flipkart Gift Card has become a vehicle for change, making the network inclusive. As Flipkart explores the untapped potential of offline distribution, Dheeraj Aneja, Senior Vice President – Fintech & Payments Group at Flipkart, shares the vision powering Flipkart Gift Cards and the future outlook of the program.

Excerpts from a Q&A:

What is the vision behind launching Flipkart Gift cards in physical stores?

The aim of this launch is to explore the untapped potential of offline distribution, which will enable offline shoppers to become online shoppers. The platform currency, Flipkart Gift Cards, can be redeemed on Flipkart purchases either partially or fully. Our customers in Tier I & II markets can now purchase Flipkart Gift Cards from stores that are easily accessible.

Flipkart Gift Cards

We know how Flipkart Gift vouchers work online. What is the key difference with vouchers being handed out offline? How is it a value-add for customers?

Flipkart Gift Cards have experienced good growth over the last three years with demand continuing to grow. Shoppers purchase these gift cards to use for themselves or their loved ones. With the launch of physical gift cards, the key benefits we are bringing to customers are accessibility and ease. Physical vouchers can be purchased from a wide network of partner stores and can be activated at the stores’ billing counters. The physical vouchers offered by Flipkart allow customers to select from a vast collection of over 80 million products sold on Flipkart. With one-click check-out, gift cards enable one of the fastest means to complete shopping.

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